Cold Stellas and Third Grade Math (Part 1)…

This spewed forth late last night. Unfortunately somnambulance ruled the evening…I reserve the right to give a part two at some point over the weekend…

Warning: heavy introspection and mission clarification ahead. CAA news? Nah. That begins tomorrow. Or today. Depends upon when you read this.

It hit me smack in the face, did karma. Its pull had been slowly drawing me closer all summer without my realization, like a movie you outwardly curse for 90 minutes but realize at the critical moment you’ve been drawn in and you care. The seat-squirming gives way to fried-egg eyes as you guess, hope, and think about what comes next. Karma.

That’s where we are right now…ellipses and all…the night before the CAA tips off its 2007-08 for real.

Oh, there were moments and signs. Too numerous to mention and too esoteric to what you care about. But they were there, and as I review my summer-long quest to figure this thing out I see them. Must be karma’s process.

Recently I’ve particularly struggled with the direction of this blog. The season was fast-approaching and I had no answers. Zero. Nada. I spent the summer romancing video, the web 2.0 concept, trying to be funny, trying to be one of those cool bloggers, trying to get the conference on board with my bank account.

None of it fit for one reason.

None of it was what I want to do.

Realizations began to uncover themselves: I didn’t want to work at the technology. While I am a smart guy, there are worm holes I have to work too hard to figure and do well. That strips the fun. What’s more, I try to be witty but that’s only to keep things fun. As Tom Pecora famously said after being asked for the 400th time about being snubbed for the NCAA tourney two years ago: “I’ve moved on; it’s only basketball.”

It has to be easy and it has to be fun.

The realization hit me that I far more enjoy the stories and the information that illuminates them. I admit I care about the people. They are what makes mid major college basketball. That’s what I want to give–the flavor of the CAA. It’s why we discuss Bill Coen and Calvin Roland and television contracts and magic ties and why Gardner Webb is cool and where you should go when you travel with your team. I will never be cool and that’s fine. I prefer being good.

My biggest fear was always right in front of me and it only hit me recently. I can sum it up this way: if this blog ever became anything resembling Pardon the Interruption I would shut it down. That show is horrid and the manifestation of everything bad that “big time sports” has become. As the denouement of the book’s release progressed, those stories that made this blog very good faded.

I wouldn’t ever want to be Tony Kornheiser, thinking he’s funny wearing idiotic hats and outscreaming Wilbon. All he’s done is winnow away years of credibility. Faded. I realized I needed to get back to the stories and the CONTENT, not the schtick.

Fast forward to this morning, our first sub-35 degree morning, I walked out the front door to grab the morning paper and the chill hit my face. (Side note: Yes, I’m a web geek kinda guy and I get my information and communicate here, but there’s nothing like a Cuppa Joe and AP copy to start a day.)

Karma dictated that I would have a free day today, a scheduling quirk that doesn’t seem so random now. It dictated that I would go back a peruse some of the best snippets from Gheorge: The Blog, The Extrapolator, and Mid Majority. That I would have plenty of time to think as I reorganized my office. That pizza and Stella would be my dinner. That I would uncover every tidbit I could about Gardner Webb.

It dictated that I’d do the easy, third grade math of what to do.

Your expectation? Back where we started…insight, information, stories, and people. And predictions and fun. We will always have fun.

A good friend helped me get there without realizing it. Karma.

It’s karma that I write this the night before the season starts for the CAA. And in the end, that’s what we’re after:

Just Write It.


~ by mglitos on November 9, 2007.

One Response to “Cold Stellas and Third Grade Math (Part 1)…”

  1. That’s why I started reading you back on blogger – you had first-hand information. When I realized that you traveled to games and actually had that eyeball connection with the venues and the people, I was in.

    So you can definitely keep doing that. I’ll try to do the same. Looking forward to seeing you on the road this season.

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