Well That Didn’t Take Long…

But can you tell me where Boiling Springs is located?

The Katz graf that makes me laugh, and tell me where you heard this before:

“Gardner-Webb, which is leaving the Atlantic Sun for the Big South in 2008-09, was picked eighth by the media and coaches in the preseason. Could there really be seven better teams in the A-Sun than Gardner-Webb?”


Matt McFadden has once again left the W&M hoops squad. Nobody is forthcoming on details but that’s not a big deal. The kid is entitled to a personal life. Tribe fans are left to wonder, as McFadden was initially projected to be a better player than David Schneider. Of course, after Schneider’s fantastic frosh season that’s kinda tough to believe, and reason #34,729 why I hate recruiting.

The Tribe will be fine in the backcourt, and it’s good to see Tony Shaver get his roster pared to 51 just before the free agency deadline.


Good one from Dopirak on JMUs Dazz Thornton.


~ by mglitos on November 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Well That Didn’t Take Long…”

  1. Gardner-Webb…King of the Webbs, narrowly edging out Ty and Spud.

  2. Wow! Strangely familar to Drexel and the Pre-season NIT for 2005-06. I think the is the prelude to some major upsetting of the Bigs again and the CAA is primed up.

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