If The Police Can Plan a Reunion Tour, I Can Figure This Out, Right?

I’ve got to be honest with you. In my desperate attempt to determine direction I neglected to consider how to approach The Predictions. Giving my view on how games will go has been among the most popular topics, judging solely on email history. (Re: I get a ton when I’m wrong.)

So today we’ll run through the Friday games–and tomorrow the Saturday games–but understand right now that the entire approach may be blown up at any point over the next week. I have plenty of time and Stella this weekend. That combination usually produces some of my best thinking.

Now, on to the games of Friday. Season openers. And yes, I got the same smile you just got when considering that fact.

Vermont at George Mason: A low blocks war turns ugly with four minutes to go when Taylor Coppenrath and George Evans come to blows. Both are ejected and Paul Westhead is forced to go deep into his bench. Luckily there is experience and Mason pulls it out. Here’s a question: is Vermont guard Kyle Cieplicki any relation for former Triber Keith Cieplicki? Final score: Patriots 74, Syrup Farmers 63.

Siena at James Madison: Intriguing first game for the most intriguing team in the conference. The Second Coming (Abdulai Jalloh) has an injured wrist that is painful; Siena is picked to win the MAAC but has four sophomores who think they’re good and that is dangerous; JMU is at home, and the last time we spoke of Siena coach Fran McCaffery, he and his pregnant wife were tossed from their BracketBusters game at Hofstra. In the pantheon of Things My Dad Taught Me resides this: when you can’t separate the teams, pick the home team. And because we’re southern Baptists, we’ll go with The Second Coming playing in Jerusalem. Final score: JMU 81, Siena 76.

UMES at VCU: Last season, VCU went 28-7 in the CAA. Last season, UMES went 4-27 in the MEAC. Even I cannot overanalyze this one with a straight face. Final score: VCU 84, UMES 60.

Loyola (MD) at Towson: Thanks to Blue Ribbon, I know that Loyola returns four starters from an 18-win team that finished third in the MAAC. They also have Maryland transfer Hassan Fofana, and yes you can start singing that banana song. All day. I hate to go against the family, but the early season is when experience and consistency pay off, and Pat Kennedy has too many moving parts right now. Loyola 74, Towson 69.

Drexel at Penn: Though the long, arduous bus ride from Drexel to Penn will sap Bruiser’s boys–some say they should’ve flown anyway–Frank Elegar has looked, to use a technical term you may not understand, ridiculous this preseason. Blue Ribbon also tells me the Penn frontcourt grades out to a “D.” Depending on free throw success, Elegar will wind up in the 26pt, 13 reb neighborhood. Keep an eye on the fans, too. They will be the most entertaining part of the second half. Final score: Drexel 71, Penn 55.


~ by mglitos on November 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “If The Police Can Plan a Reunion Tour, I Can Figure This Out, Right?”

  1. Ummmm, UNCW vs CofC ???

    No love for the Hawks is one thing, flat out no press at all for the opener, down right low.

  2. My bad, just got the “Correct” calendar

  3. ‘long, arduous bus ride…’ I know you’re joking, but I’m not even sure they take a bus from Drexel to Penn. The campuses are literally across the street from each other. It’s about a 5-minute walk, if that, from the DAC to the Palestra.

  4. i really hope you’re right about the mason game tonight. who plays a high-profile mid-major clash on a friday night?

    i’m worried about vermont guard mike trimboli taking advantage of jordan carter. maybe dre smith will cover him. who knows.

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