Upgrading Everywhere…

1. Comcast to Verizon FiOs is occuring as we speak so I wanted to get this in. I fully expect an outage. Short term pain, though.

2. The content on the site. The season itself will provide stories and viewpoints. Thank goodness it is here.

3. Blaine Taylor will redshirt super-athletic, super-skinny Kent Bazemore. Keep in mind, though, that redshirts don’t officially have to be declared until the end of the season. Injuries and defections could change those plans. So I guess the proper statement is that ODU intends to redshirt Kent Bazemore.

Today’s side note: don’t read anything into the “defections” comment. There are none of which I am aware. We’re in November and you never know over the course of the season what may happen.


Two Saturdays ago, after completing my quota of Stellas and enjoying a nice evening at home, we sat down and popped Saturday Night Live on the teevee. It was getting late and we caught about half of a catchy little tune by Spoon and I vowed to download it at some point.

Fast forward to this morning…I popped into iTunes and found the group and previewed the song. (With only a hazy memory to work with, I had to hunt a bit.)

The song by Spoon is called “The Underdog” and has the following lyrics, which I will say is an awfully apropos theme for mid major basketball. In fact, it may become the official motto of CAA: LAMM. Anyway:

“…got no regard for the thing you don’t understand…you’ve got no fear of the underdog; that’s why you will not survive…”

Paging Jim Calhoun. Coach Calhoun, you are wanted on the green courtesy phone. Paging Jim Calhoun.


You hipsters may already be onto the song and lyrics. I’m older, and not so cool. But trying to upgrade there, too…


~ by mglitos on November 7, 2007.

One Response to “Upgrading Everywhere…”

  1. Yep…AWESOME song. I wrote about in October in relation to Mason.


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