STILL, I Say, “Sympathy for the Devil” Is the Perfect Pregame Introductions Song…

As I sit down to write this entry, the University of Richmond and Maine are in the early warmups phase of their pregame routines. In about 45 minutes the college basketball season officially begins. Real games and everything. Coaches cannot ask the official to stop the game while he makes an instructive point to a sophomore who hasn’t yet figured out where he needs to cut in the motion offense.

There will be tinkering, but mistakes count. This makes me happy. It also leads to the two points of today.

First I neglected a couple scrimmages last week, mostly because I didn’t get to talk to anyone from those tune ups. I was told about Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins and how solid he looked. I watched VCUs Larry Sanders with my own eyes and had my viewpoint validated by Anthony Grant.

Other folks were high on Drexel’s Jamie Colds (15 pts, 5 assists, 2 to’s in 22 minutes) and Jamie Harris (6pts, 9 assists and 4 to’s in 35 minutes). Elegar looked impressive, which is no shock.

ODU drilled some team without Brandon Johnson, who is now back from his injured wrist. Towson also beat Shepard, and The Dub took down Charlotte in a twi-night double header. (They reset the score at the half.)

More importantly, there is point #2. Kyle’s entry today over his site is another winner. He’s done a better job setting the expectations of what we’re trying to accomplish here, namely:

“What’s lost in all of this is reporting and storytelling, those solid bedrocks which serve to describe and illuminate the very things people are basing opinions on.”

I’ve always said my goal is to tell you what I see and let you decide. I’ve also never cared about my comment count. Stories like Calvin Roland and the basket height mystery at The TED that I enjoy. It’s the flavor of the CAA that I’m after.

Only 15 minutes to tipoff.

Hop aboard.


~ by mglitos on November 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “STILL, I Say, “Sympathy for the Devil” Is the Perfect Pregame Introductions Song…”

  1. It tastes like cough medicine and skittles.

  2. I’m sitting here watching the gametracker and five minutes have gone by without a score. Did Maine and Richmond not get the message that the season is starting?

  3. That would be the cough medicine.

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