Correction: NOW It Feels Like the Season Is Here…

The conference has its very own hoops preview show. It will be played on 25 stations throughout November and runs 30 minutes. The attached link is broken into the show’s three segments and covers men and women.

The first show airs November 6 at 1:00 pm on MASN and will be shown up and down the east coast on various stations. The full lineup is on the site.

There are polls where fans can vote for the predicted order of finish and preseason All-CAA teams.

From the official release: Hosted by Scott Graham and Jody Lavin Patrick, the show includes interviews with each CAA men’s and women’s basketball coach, team previews, highlights of the top returning players on all 24 teams, a special coaches’ “Fast Break” segment and clips from the CAA Basketball Media Day in Washington, D.C.


ODU kicked off the officially-tracked scrimmages. The Monarchs drilled Mt. Olive. Notes: no Brandon Johnson (smartly being held back with an injured wrist) and Darius James led the team in minutes played.

Surely everyone will read too much into everything, but Marsharee Neely’s lack of PT stands out most to me. I would be surprised if he is redshirted, but that kinda’ looks to be the case.


Finally, Kyle has relaunched Mid Majority, and just in time. The good part: he will be contributing more hoops content than ever before. We are all better for that fact. Check it out. The dedication is brilliant.


Side note: VCU tips off tonight against Virginia State in its first advertised scrimmage against players in different colored uniforms. I get to do some radio, which I’m looking forward to.


Kevin Swinton offers a prepared statement regarding his situation. (Note: the volume of the video is low. Don’t forget to turn your speakers up, then down.)

First, I detest prepared statements. In this situation it’s okay because a college kid is in a difficult situation. They are brutally bad when you see, for example, a senator venting his incredible disbelief of a situation while reading from a prepared statement.

But anyway, my point is this: let the facts come to light before making any judgment. About 98 times out of 100 you think you know but you don’t.

And considering everything else that goes on in college basketball (re: OJ Mayo), this kid deserves a second chance. I don’t know about basketball-wise, but UNCW should do the right thing and let Swinton stay in school.


~ by mglitos on November 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Correction: NOW It Feels Like the Season Is Here…”

  1. Michael,
    Love your site. However, at the end of this entry, you talk about Swinton. You encourage us not to jump to conclusions suggesting that 98% of the time we don’t know all of the facts. Then, less than one paragraph later you suggest that UNC-W should do the “right” thing and let Swinton remain in school. Shouldn’t you follow your own advice and hold judgment at this point?

  2. Completely agree. I am specifically referring to “no commenting” on whether or not he ever plays basketball again. I don’t know enough to say whether or not his transgression is hoops-damning.

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