Some Friday Fun…

I can tell the season is upon us. Fans are furiously overanalyzing intrasquad scrimmages (here, and here); they are hanging the very balance of their lives on the status of a power forward’s injured toe; and they are finding this site with all manner of search terms.

Trae Goldston, Justin Billingslea captain, Charles Jenkins Hofstra, Abdullai Jalloh, Matt Mc Fadden, and TJ Carter were all used to get here. So was Kent Culuko, but I’m not touching that one. Welcome new folks.

Traffic here is at record levels for preseason. That bodes well for the season-season.

As for me, I had my annual preseason lunch with Da’ Commish and his loyal henchmen. It is always entertaining and enlightening. We’ll deal with that next week.

To sate your weekend, though, here is a tidbit from CAA Number Monger Rob Washburn: the CAA has had six different teams go to the postseason in the past two years, winning a combined 10 games. I don’t know the list of conferences that can match that–surely there is a number cruncher among you to find out–but when you step out of the BCS, I’m betting the list that matches that achievement isn’t long.

And let’s not forget that the NIT is a different animal now than it used to be. You need more than friends in low places to make that tourney–and fewer teams make it.

Enjoy your weekend. I need to vaccum the floor and head out for Stella. With all the rain, indoor activities will take precedence this weekend.


~ by mglitos on October 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some Friday Fun…”

  1. Sure 10 wins sounds great, but 6 of them are from one team (AP, UT, MSU, UNC, WSU, UC) and 3 from another (CSU, MU, HU).

  2. Hofstra won more than one NIT game. Mason’s wins. ODUs wins. And VCU last year. I may have to recount. Later.

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