Two Weeks From Today, on Monday November 5…

…the season actually starts. I can practically taste it. Can’t you?

Side note: they sure can taste the season over at the CAAZone. Some of those nutballs are in midseason form. Love it.

Link it up:

Brian Mull reports on a UNCW intrasquadder. TJ Carter poured in 38 big ones, but relax, Dub fans. That’s impressive (Mull says so) but remember: there was either little defense being played, or you need to understand that was one of your guys (not) covering him.

Rich Radford hits an ODU practice or five, giving us the interesting nugget that Marsharee Neely may be redshirted. To me, that’s a wow note. First, Taylor has lamented on more than one occasion he wished he could’ve given Neely more PT last year. Second, Neely can shoot and score, which isn’t exactly ODUs primary strength. But third–and perhaps most important–is that Taylor considering Neely for a redshirt may mean that Abdi Lidonde is playing very, very well.

So I’m going back and writing the update chapter for the paperback version of Cinderella, and of course went to old blog posts for info, perspective, and data points. I have a difficult enough time remembering what I had for lunch last Thursday, much less what was going through my gourd in March. I found some very humorous stuff, including this Duke riff way before they drew VCU.

Love irony.


~ by mglitos on October 22, 2007.

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