Some Quotes in the Scramble…

Courtesy of WRHU (Hofstra) and WRAS (Atlanta)

Blaine Taylor, on his placement of third: “We’re one of five or six schools where you’re not sure. (I think) we’re picked higher because we’ve had some pretty good players recently.

Also: “I’ve always said if you can be one of the top three or four teams in our conference, you can beat anyone in the land.”

Rod Barnes, on his team: “We’ve got to have proven players on the roster. We have some pieces. We’ve got to be tougher than any other team. We’ve got to believe more than any other team.”

Deven Dickerson is injured but will return.

Jim Larranaga, shunning the five starters being a huge advantage question: “We’re happy we have a veteran team that works very hard.”

Coach L, shunning preseason #1 prediction, also gave his love to VCU: “They are returning four of their top six players and won 16 of 18 conference games. We were 9-9. In my mind they are really the preseason favorite.”

But he did finish in very Coach L style, noting nobody really cares about the preseason poll: “We just want to be playing our best basketball in March and representing the CAA in the NCAA tournament.”

He also provided a very nice scouting report on Kansas State, a game near Thanksgiving. Love that guy’s geekiness.

Finally, his note on Darryl Monroe’s toe surgery: “I doubt Darryl will be in uniform (for the season opener).” Larranaga noted that they are looking more towards end of November/first of December for his return, and that means, in Larranaga’s words, “not just back in uniform but back in shape.”

Anthony Grant, panning preseason #2: “It doesn’t give me any comfort saying we’re preseason #2 just like it didn’tcause me any concern last year being preseason #6.”


~ by mglitos on October 17, 2007.

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