Is One Freaking Day of Play Too Much To Ask the World?…

CAA media day is rolling along as I type, up in the ESPNZone in DeeCee, without me. A late commitment that I couldn’t avoid or change, plus a bit of someone being stupid, conspired against me.

I don’t say that looking for sympathy. Rather, it’s the public apology to at least five people whom I was planning on seeing up there. You will get phone calls, if I already haven’t spoken to you.

Side note to the handful that emailed me about liveblogging media day: that wasn’t going to happen. It’s never going to happen. I tried it once and decided to never do it again, because:

1. Liveblogging is stupid.

2. Liveblogging is pointless.

3. Liveblogging sucks the enjoyment out of the game or event for me.

For clarity’s sake, liveblogging and “providing you a report from the scene” are two different things. “Will Thomas just strained his knee doing pregame yoga” is way different than “Will Thomas just grabbed a rebound–if he hauls in 12 of those Mason has a chance. I think I’ll get a hot dog at halftime.”

But I digress…

I’ll try to follow along today and bring you late-breaking news and commentary, situated 100 miles from the event.

The official preseason prognostications have been released:

1. George Mason
2. VCU
3. Old Dominion
4. Drexel
5. Hofstra
6. UNC Wilmington
7. James Madison
8. Northeastern
9. William and Mary
10. Delaware
11. Georgia State
12. Towson

POY: Eric Maynor

First Team
Antoine Agudio
Herb Courtney
Frank Elegar
Eric Maynor
Will Thomas

Second Team
Folarin Campbell
TJ Carter
Juwan James
Brandon Johnson
Vladimir Kuljanin

Honorable Mention: Brian Henderson, Old Dominion; Todd Hendley, UNCW; Abdulai Jalloh, James Madison; Captain Matt Janning, Northeastern; Leonard Mendez, Georgia State


~ by mglitos on October 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Is One Freaking Day of Play Too Much To Ask the World?…”

  1. Liveblogging the media day – that’s a good one.

    Brian over at Awful Announcing has the right idea about live blogs – he generally does them only if the event is going on during the day while people are at work and can’t watch (early NCAA tournament games) or if the public really demands it so they have a place to make fun of announcers (MNF).

  2. Sometimes, real analysis is pointless. With that in mind, I’d like to say that Eric Maynor is a punk bitch.

    And I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on liveblogging. I’ve never fully understood the point either.

  3. The pre-season player rankings appear to be based, as they should be, on past-performance and not potential. However, reality doesn’t always jive w/past predicitons (Eric Maynor as exhibit A).

    That said, I’ll give my homer shout-out to Dre Smith over Johnson and James on the Second Team list at season’s end.

  4. Dre Smith? Oh oh oh, you mean Andre Leaward LaVaé Smith. Gotcha.

  5. Clearly some commentors wagered on Duke…and in my defense Chris, Mason is clearly the team to beat. Hedging keeps the email count down.

    Did I mention liveblogging is stupid?


    And stupid?

  6. I agree that Mason and VCU are favorite, but Brandon Johnson will mop the floor with Dre Smith, sorry.

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