Ladies and Gentlemen, Your VCU Rams…



Old Dominion


George Mason


William & Mary




Place Range: 1st to 4th

Gutsy Pick: 2nd

Why I Like Them Here: Any offense that starts with Eric Maynor has a chance to score. Plus, even if you go the “coaches can gameplan the press” argument, I can say that coaches had half of last year to gameplan the press. VCU was better in the second half of the season.VCU still has its inside game (plus a Russian import who will make a huge differece), a pure shooter, and a leader. Those are ingredients, and methinks Grant showed he can coach a little.

Why I Could Be Wrong: Part of the mix of ingredients is seven freshmen and a sophomore (said Russian). That’s a lot of newness. Is there a second shooter to complement Jamal Shuler? (Walker and Pellot Rosa made 158 of 244 threes for them last year. Shuler is good, but he’s not hitting 158 threes.) Plus, you have the old bullseye theory. I don’t subscribe to it, but others do. Finally, the margin for error in the CAA is slim. Two games in the standings may mean four positions.

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: This one is easy. VCU ends January thusly: at ODU, at Hofstra, home Drexel, at George Mason. A looming trap exists in late February: four days after hosting ODU, the Rams go to Boston.

Outlook: VCU certainly has all the horses, but I wonder if they are not one horse short. Though they were only fourth in the conference in three point shooting, the bonus shot was an unbelieveable weapon because it was such a threat–multiple players could hurt you. I have fewer questions for this team than others, though, and they have intangibles on their side. Still, that’s a ton of freshmen.

Guesstimate: 12-6 to 15-3.


~ by mglitos on October 15, 2007.

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