Ladies and Gentlemen, Your UNCW Seahawks…



Old Dominion


George Mason


William & Mary



Place Range: 1st to 12th

Gutsy Pick: 7th

Why I Like Them Here: You pick up the dice at the craps table. What’s the most likely roll? We’ve discussed, ad nauseum, TJ Carter and what his return means. He’s really good, but I didn’t vote him first team All CAA. Todd Hendley is skilled and a leader. Montez Downey had a good freshman season. Daniel Fountain can concentrate on shooting. Domonique Lacy, though a freshman, is an athlete. And of course, there’s Valdie Kools. That’s a lot of weaponry. But seventh with all that? Other than Hendley, you’re asking every one of the players to do something different.

Why I Could Be Wrong: Wrong one way: those are weapons. Benny Moss is a better coach his second year. Fountain’s role is solidified. Carter plays to a first team level. Downey becomes a deadeye shooter. That could mean as high as third. Wrong, the other way: carter comes back not the same player. Big Vlad is a stiff on the blocks. Downey shoots 28% from three. The players don’t ascribe to the Moss System. Marlo Davis poopies out as a PG. Remember, this is a seven-win team. Could be as low as 10th.

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: Not too bad really. It seems there are some marquee games when the calendar flips. I feel like this is the third time I’ve written about tough early January games in the CAA. For The Dub, they travel to Drexel, get VCU at home, then Hofstra at home. Then immediately onto the road to Harrisonburg. Also of note, with a seed on the line, UNCW finishes at VCU and home to ODU.

Outlook: It’s fun to joke about their season, because nobody really knows anything, but I know they are serious down at the beach.  The seven wins were the fewest for the school since it turned D1 in 1976-77. But they reutrn 83 percent of their scoring and 67 percent of their rebounding, before TJ Carter. See why nobody knows anything? The one thing you can count on this season from UNCW: I will be there at least twice.

Guesstimate, serious this time: 6-12 to 10-8.


~ by mglitos on October 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, Your UNCW Seahawks…”

  1. This article puts all of my thoughts together. We just dont know what weve got this season yet. I sure hope Carter is back to his old way, I really think Downey will take the next step this season and Marlo Davis is the real deal. Im thinking we will finish 3rd or 4th in conference.

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