The NLCS Presents: Your William & Mary Tribe

Methinks we’ll get two team overviews for you today. An event last Saturday, and reinforced this morning, has me thinking I might need to start paying attention to some other worldy events. I need to crank through some hoops and some work, and then get on to other things.

We had a family get-together on Saturday evening–all of my brothers and sisters and their spouses. I was chatting with my brother-in-law and he threw out the question: “how many players for the Colorado Rockies can you name?”

My answer: “Helton, uh, um….that rookie guy.” I couldn’t get Pete Incaviglia out of my mind for some reason. Then I added to the conversation by wondering how many Arizona Diamondbacks we could name.

Brandon Webb. Walt Weiss, if we were transported to 2002.

So I pick up this morning’s local fishwrap to see a National League Championship Series preview and realize that of the 50 players on each roster, I’m still at two. Granted, if I look down the roster, I’ll probably recognize 20 others, but still. I can name you the last guy off the bench for William & Mary, but I cannot name you three players competing in the MLB NLCS.

I’m not certain that’s healthy. But I digress…

William & Mary

Place Range: 7th to 11th

Gutsy Pick: 10th

Why I Like Them Here: Last year was a tremendous step forward for the Tribe, but Adam Payton is a huge loss. W&M had a ton of support players with talent and a star. This year, they have a ton of talented support players and need to develop a star. Laimus Kisielius is a very good #2 guy, but there’s a good chance he has to be a #1 guy, and that is a huge jump. David Schneider is a good point guard and will be buffeted by Matt McFadden this year. Peter Stein and Alex Smith a solid down low, but again, talented role players.

Why I Could Be Wrong: You don’t move from the dregs to a .500 season for nothing. Tony Shaver (or Jeff, if you need it) has talent. W&M always plays well at home (11-5 last year) and showed last year they can steal a few on the road. There’s no reason to think they cannot repeat last year’s performance. McFadden was supposed to be ahead of Schneider at PG last year before he left the team. That’s a good sign. Alex Smith had an ambitious summer.

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: As the calendar flips from January to February, the conference season will be made/lost for Gang Green. The Tribe goes to Drexel, hosts ODU, travels to JMU, hosts UNCW and Hofstra, then heads on the road for three games: at Nor’Easter, at UNCW, and at Towson. Their rewards getting back home? Drexel. That’s a brutal nine-game stretch. They need to keep that one in the middle of the bell curve.

Outlook: These guys were about as difficult to handicap as anyone. My fear is that a lot of things broke right for them last season, and while many teams in the conference got better this year, the Tribe stayed the same. The prolonged schedule difficulty will tell the tale. There’s no doubt in my mind a tiebreaker will determine their ultimate place. Kisielius and low post scoring will be the determining factor. Shaver has the depth. Guesstimate: 5-11 to 8-10.


~ by mglitos on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “The NLCS Presents: Your William & Mary Tribe”

  1. In your defense, not being able to name players for the Rockies and Diamondbacks is a pretty common offense. Until the last week of the season, I never heard about or saw a Rockies game on any of my TV stations. Obviously, I knew the rookies because of my obsessive numbers game during the season, but other than that, they are mostly non-star-players.

  2. the cleveland indians are in the mlb final four. the william and mary tribe used to called the indians. ipso facto…i can’t even finish the sentence with a straight face. one of these years, mgl, one of these years.

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