Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Drexel Dragons…


Place Range: 4th to 8th

Gutsy Pick: 4th

Why I Like Them Here: Frank Elegar was a bit player his freshman season and second team All CAA by his junior season (first team on my ballot). Take a minute to consider that. Everyone wants to talk Agudio, Maynor, and Thomas for POY, but don’t be surprised is Elegar snatches the award–Elegar is that good. Because of that, don’t worry about post play and the loss of Chaz Crawford. The keys to this team are guards, and Bruiser Flint has a bunch of them. Hawthorne, Harris/Colds, Rodgers, Feurtado, Hampton give them enough depth. Remember, this is a physical, grinding team. Dom Mejia may have been pretty, but Scott Rodgers is effective.

Why I Could Be Wrong: Crawford and Bash Mason is a lot to lose defensively. Mason was All CAA defense all four years–never happened before in the conference. If Drexel cannot hold teams into the 50s it could be a long year. They still don’t have a reliable outside shooter and are prone to scoring slumps. If the opposition puts four guys in the lane to collapse on Elegar, who will beat you?

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: I don’t know why I feel this way, but I believe Brusier always gets hammered by the schedule-maker. Not so this year. It’s odd to have George Mason on November 29, but there is no real ugly heft. The worst I could identify was a Valentine’s Road Troika of ODU, Delaware, and William & Mary. Hint: use the SmartTag.

Outlook: Keep an eye early on opposition shooting percentages and points allowed. Defense is going to tell the tale here. It has always been a given and this year it might, might, not. They also need that reliable scorer to complement Elegar. Those are a couple of big “if” scenarios, but if I’m betting on Bruiser Flint, it is that he will instill a defense mindset. Guesstimate: 10-8 to 12-6.


~ by mglitos on October 10, 2007.

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