Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Delaware Blue Hens…


Place Range: 8th to 12th

Gutsy Pick: 11th

Why I Like Them Here: Five four starters return, including this year’s Harding Nana, Herbivore Courtney. (Darrell Johnson has chosen to transfer.) Courtney gives anyone a chance, and dynamo point guard Brian Johnson is solid. Very solid. As in the second best assist man returning to the league, and he even logged about five billion minutes last year. (Okay, more than 38 per game…) Everyone has very good things to say about Marc Egerson, so we’ll go with that. And Sam I Am McMahon gets to concentrate on his best skill: shooting.

Why I Could Be Wrong: The olde everybody returns but it’s the same cast that won five games argument. Ross finally has a full roster, but it is still fairly thin. Once you get past Henry Olawoye, there is little experience on the bench. And if Egerson or Jim Ledsome don’t pan out, it could be another long year. (Side note: I could be wrong the other way, too. Imagine if everyone performs. My colleague Brain Mull says these guys are fifth.)

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: We spoke of a difficult New Year yesterday for Pat Kennedy. Can’t hold a candle to the hand Ross was dealt. The Hens open 2008 with a trip to W&M, to Drexel, come home for Mason and ODU, then head back onto the road for a trifecta of VCU, Nor’Easter, and James Madison.

Outlook: Without question this team has upgraded its talent. How far remains to be seen. Guesstimate: 4-14 or 6-12.


~ by mglitos on October 5, 2007.

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