It’s No Longer a Surprise I Grew Up Southern Baptist…

Before we get to the Team ‘O the Day–right now I’m thinking Delaware but you never know what will happen between now and 2:00–I want to set up, again, our platform and mission here. You see, the whole “blog thing” is a very nebulous concept, especially when you begin to factor in journalism, credibility, communication, and people’s preference for obtaining information. There are as many aims and goals and ways to get it done as Iyengar asanas.

As I’ve said, the mission here is not to be first–the value of first has dwindled–but to be the most informational. Conversational. Communicable.  Researched. Thought.

The value resides in giving you information and perspective that raises your ability to process, understand, and ultimately enjoy your pastime of college basketball. Seems silly, but life is about what fires you up. You read this because college hoops fires you up. It’s just like politics, only without the pandering and payola (dammit!)

I’m not arrogant enough to think I can raise your level of knowledge. That would be like trying to bite your own teeth. But I do believe I can point you the right way. And where I cannot, I will provide links to those that can.

A really smart guy named Jeff Jarvis got me onto this tangent this morning. His words fire me up about what we’re trying to accomplish here–for all the silly Ugueth Urbina “jokes,” we are trying to do something serious at CAA: LAMM. It’s a mission thing.

Jarvis writes that we all need to understand “the new ethics of these new networks, which I’ve learned online: the ethic of the link (which says, ‘don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself’), the ethic of permanence (which says that knowledge grows on knowledge, via the link), the ethic of the correction (which is only more immediate in new media), and the ethic of transparency.”

He finishes a very worthy post with the following: “News is a conversation. Life is a conversation. The question for us is, how do we teach our students to be great conversationalists?” Great stuff.

If, in early March, you are driving to Richmond to the CAA tournament and you get into a discussion about stuff you’ve read here (or stuff you were pointed to from here)–and one of you openly wonders about the hotel high speed connection because you want to log back in to see what’s going on–then I’ve done my job.

So if you ever wonder what the hell I’m trying to do on this blog because it doesn’t seem to make sense, I refer you to Jarvis. There will be information. Analysis. Perspective. Thought. Data. Quotes. Wit. Journalism. Bad wit.

And more.


~ by mglitos on October 5, 2007.

One Response to “It’s No Longer a Surprise I Grew Up Southern Baptist…”

  1. You know, a mission statement for one’s blog is not a bad idea… I guess it’s what that sentence below the title is for.

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