Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Towson Tigers…

No, I didn’t forget you or the team summary. I have two words for you: turkey fryers.



Place Range: 7th to 11th

Gutsy Pick: 9th

Why I Like Them Here: All the guys that played two seasons ago and brought this team to respectability will likely get to play again. We’re talking Rocky Coleman, Tim Crossin, and to an extent the CAA: LAMM favorite player Jon Pease. Plus, that’s a ton of juco talent Pat Kennedy has brought in. Towson is a team that lost a lot, but gained a lot. Rodney Spruill had the best CAA tournament this side of Eric Maynor and is a solid player. The Tigers need scoring and Josh Thornton can do that.

Why I Could Be Wrong: Well, I’ll tell you. I was a huge fan of Tommy Breaux. Loved what that kid brought to the floor. Unfortunately I use the past tense because Breaux injured a piggy playing the game you-know-who calls “a bunch of guys running a few feet and falling down.” It’s a big loss. Even if Breaux makes it back, he is likely not teh same player. Pat Kennedy also said, in August, that CC Williams will be his scorer. That’s a heap of pressure on someone that really hasn’t had to do that. And of course Gary Neal is gone; but maybe more important (yes I said it) is the loss of Dennard Abraham.

Oh Schedule-Maker, Why Doth Thou Curse Us: Team psyche will come into play. After opening January with a homer against Nor’Easter, the Tigers get a roadie at Mason, homers against ODU and Drexel, then a roadie at The Beach. That’s four (and maybe five) big fat ones right off the bat. Happy New Year!

Outlook: I had Towson at the bottom of the six-team steel cage match called the middle of the CAA standings–before Breaux’s injury. Apparently Vernon CArr is also a bit nicked up. Kennedy isn’t catching much of a break so far. This team will only go as far as Williams can carry it, plus the maturation of all the jucos. That’s asking a lot, and a scary proposition. I still think they are talented and will beat a top three team. What that gives Towson is a tiebreaker come tourney time. Guesstimate: 6-12 or 7-11.


~ by mglitos on October 4, 2007.

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