All the News That Fits My Schedule…

Kyle has an interesting article on mids getting home court games against BCS teams. It is chock full lof good information, but the three nuggets that stand out to me:

1. USC head coach Tim Floyd admitting to BCS Arrogance.

2. Buy game money continues to skyrocket, reaching $75,000 in some cases.

3. There are “at least” 45 cases of majors visiting mid majors this year, up from 32 last season.

3a. More home games for the mids is a good thing. Duh.

3b. Econ 201 chased me from majoring in Business, but even a dolt like me can see that if the supply is going up (32 to 45), then the price going up doesn’t make sense. I need to stew on that one for a bit.

I’ve stewed for three seconds. Could it be that the BCS coaches are getting desperate?

Okay “desperate” is a stretch, but the impacts are significant. College basketball is no different than anything else in life: it changes and adapts to the progress and movement of the world. So let’s call it an attempt on the part of BCS coaches to adapt to something they may not have considered.

The success of the Valley and the CAA in the regular season and NCAA tournament is taking root in everyone’s eyes. Thus, the need for a gaudy record becomes critical for the BCS team. The days of BCS 17-13 being looked at more favorably than the MM 24-6 may be over.

So, knowing more than 70% of all college hoops games played at home are wins, these coaches are emptying their football money allotment to get home games.

The determining factor? I want to compare Valley and CAA buy game numbers and stats over the past five years. That will tell a story.


Etoile Imama has been cleared to play for ODU by the NCAA. If you remember, Imama had his transcripts held up by the NCAA because they didn’t have anyone who could read French. I kid.

Seriously, everyone gets nervous when the words paperwork and NCAA are used in the same sentence. All is well and Imama will begin practice with ODU. 


~ by mglitos on October 4, 2007.

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