Major Cover-age…

The conference has begun a relationship with The Sporting News that provides, out of the gate, a dedicated CAA cover for the magazine’s college basketball preview. Additionally, the CAA gets expanded coverage in this special issue.

 CAA Sporting News

Click on it to see full size. It can be purchased at the CAA’s website for $8.95, and that includes shipping and handling. The CAA is the only D1 conference with a specialized cover.


So I figure an update is easier than a new post. I chatted with Ron Bertovich, whose actual title at the CAA is unimportant to us but he is a guy that gets stuff done. Ron said that  “this concept gave us the opportunity to associate with a respected national publication, utilize a medium with an extended shelf life and reach multiple users.

“In a perfect world, this publication is enjoyed by our sponsors, donors to our member institutions, visitors to doctors offices, dentists offices, health clubs, etc. The more the merrier.”

Bertovich kids, but he is on point: this extends the brand of the CAA, giving names and faces to the teams and players that are mostly “referred to” in national media outlets.

It’s nothing but good.


More Brand Extension

Quickly wanted to point you over to Ray Mernagh’s Hoopwise Blog. Ray wrote the second best mid major college basketball book ever published and covers the MAC extensively. I recommend his book, and recommend his blog.

I point you over there for the selfish reason of a guest post he published where I provided an overview of the CAA for his audience. But he is also welcomed to contribute anything MAC-related for this blog as well.

Education, remember? It helps us all. So when those BracketBusters announcements are made and there is a key CAA vs. MAC matchup and you desperately need information–remember who told you where to go in October.

(Personal side note to some: I think the edge is coming back, and just in time.)


Tomorrow, I’m going to begin providing a high level overview of the season, team-by-team. I’m not altogether sure exactly what this “Preview” will ultimately look like, but there will be a mix of information and fun. Fear not–I often worry what would happen if I actually planned something more than four keystrokes out.


~ by mglitos on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Major Cover-age…”

  1. “I often worry what would happen if I actually planned something more than four keystrokes out.”

    Oh, geez. Don’t go raising the bar on me. I like the four-keystroke model myself.

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