General Hospital

Hey I’m home during the days, so it is only fitting.

Towson’s Tommy Breaux goofed up his foot. They’re talking surgery, which brings about the dreaded six-and-six (cast, then boot). This is horrible news for Pat Kennedy–Breaux played so much better towards the end of last season and was poised to have a breakout year. Even if “breakout year” is a ridiculously nebulous term that means nothing, Breaux is/was a key part of this team.

There are second opinions and second courses of treatment, but Breaux is an active, bouncing machine. No matter the final decision, he will be less effective with a bum hoof.

From the beaches of Wilmington to the shores of New Orleans, UNCWs Darryl Felder has put the kaibosh on his season, going as far as to withdraw from The Dub this winter. Felder plans to re-enroll in the spring, but wow: if your back is injured enough to the point you want to stay home, there are serious issues. That is no joke. We can deal with basketball later, but you hope the kid can walk upright.


On a happier note, Tom Pecora has landed a kid by thename of Tony Dennison for next season. Dennison averaged 27.7 ppg last year in at Broward Community College (second overall in all of the JUCO ranks).

Dennison went to high school in Queens, so he is eligible under the Pecora roster rule of having to be from New York or Lithuania. I don’t follow recruiting, but I can look at 28 ppg and that Kansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma were also after him and tell you that this is a good thing for Hofstra.


~ by mglitos on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “General Hospital”

  1. Towson’s Tommy Breaux injury should knock TU down to the bottom of the CAA. They were already thin up front. Tough break!

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