Getting Back Up On the Horse…

TJ from G:TB with a kick-save and a beauty. The post from yesterday with no rhyme or reason now has both, including a fancy concept called readability. Props or ups or mad props or whatever the cool kids are saying these days. I need to tune back in to Dog: the Bounty Hunter to catch back up on the lingo.


We’ll use the TJ metaphor not to stalk, but to provide a cheesy segway into TJ Carter. And UNCW. But specifically UNCW beatnick Brian Mull. (See how that works?)

Anyway, Brian was bold enough to publish his preseason picks on who will finish where in the conference race. Thankfully, he was smart enough to include rationale.

Brian is either really smart or really stupid. I’m not sure yet, but I will tell you that his picks were fairly close to mine so I’ll lean towards brilliance. I’ll let him get credit for your click, but the summ:

We agree on the top three, that William & Mary won’t duplicate last year, and that this isn’t the year Georgia State starts climbing. The rest of the teams get the sombrero treatment (though I flipped many of them).

I do have to point out his choice for Delaware finishing fifth. Now, if you’ve read these pages for awhile you know my new coach-crush is on Monte Ross. Impressive all the way around. But I can’t get past the irony of “fifth” place and what Brian may have been drinking with that choice.

Kidding aside, his is the best I’ve seen so far.


~ by mglitos on September 26, 2007.

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  1. If you format, they will come…

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