The Ye Olde Review/Preview Post Strategy…

Today, Kyle answered the somewhat hysterical question during his chat of “can the CAA get three teams into the dance?” I love it because it shows (1) progress; and (2) A Bruiser Flint mentality. Why be happy with two teams? Imagine if Mason had been happy with its Sweet 16 appearance. Imagine, too, how thrilled you were when Stewie Hare flushed the statement against USC.

Different world.

By the way, Kyle’s answer was spot on–through some sort of power poll, Old Dominion could sneak in and win the CAA tourney, with VCU and Mason each winning about 25 games and having great noncons.

Later, he also answered the UNCW question in the best way I’ve seen yet: getting TJ Carter back is an NBA mentality–get a great free agent for one year and presto, it is titletown. Doesn’t really work that way. Kyle was much smarter than I have been (big shock there) in saying the same thing–the middle of the CAA is rather like playing Yahtzee.


Tomorrow, we will take Lindy’s to task in a collaborative effort with some of the finest, smartest, and funniest bloggers ever linked from the right hand side of this blog. Stay tuned.


Hoping to be back up to full speed by next week.


~ by mglitos on September 24, 2007.

One Response to “The Ye Olde Review/Preview Post Strategy…”

  1. Ah Stew. The dread that went through my body when he started to drive, and the sheer amazement when he put his nuts on Sam Clancy’s shoulder.

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