Token Effort, But A Little Something for Everyone…

Holiday weekend, folks. That means that unless Blaine Taylor decides to defect to the Bahamas over the weekend, I’ll see you again on Tuesday, unless as my day winds down I find something funny or important or that I just plain like, like this, courtesy of (and thanks to) the new pop boy band The Brothers Mottram. (I’m kidding, but you should see the posters.)

CAA stuff…okay ODU stuff:

Rich Radford checks in again with quality ODU information. Southpaws will be especially appreciative of the effort. Money quote:

Cal Bowdler told me the other day that he worked with Sam Harris over the summer and expects the big guy to be a much bigger presence this season.”

Interesting info, but the smart aleck in me is dying to say: What do you expect Bowdler to say…”I worked with him all summer and he sucks.” But seriously, Sam Harris making a difference on the floor makes ODU a much more dangerous team. Sam Harris being the same Sam Harris we’ve seen for three seasons doesn’t hurt ODU. But Sam Harris as an impact player? Hoo-boy.

The ODU sked is out, as well:

Oct 28(Sat)- Blue/White scrimmage
Oct 31(Wed)- Mt. Olive College (exh)
Nov 5 (Mon)- Shepherd Univ (exh)
Nov 11(Sun)- SC St
Nov 16(Fri)- Toledo (homecoming)
Nov 18 (Sun)- @Clemson
Nov 20(Tue)- Iona
Nov 23(Fri) – UNC (@Vegas)
Nov 24(Sat)- Louisville/BYU (@Vegas)
Nov 28(Wed)- Georgetown
Dec 1(Sat)- @Ga St.
Dec 8(Sat)- Md ES
Dec 16(Sun)- Va Tech
Dec 19(Wed)- @Richmond
Dec 21(Fri)- @Winthrop
Dec 29(Sat)- @UAB
Jan 2(Wed)- Hofstra
Jan 5(Sat)- W&M
Jan 9(Wed)- @Towson
Jan 12(Sat)- @Delaware
Jan 16(Wed)- JMU
Jan 19(Sat)- VCU
Jan 23(Wed)- @GMU
Jan 26(Sat)- @W&M
Jan 30(Wed)- UNCW
Feb 2(Sat)- Ga St.
Feb 6(Wed)-@Northeastern
Feb 9(Sat)- GMU
Feb 13(Wed)- Drexel
Feb 16(Sat)- @VCU
Feb 20(Wed)- @JMU
Feb23(Sat)- Bracketbuster(Home)
Feb 27(Wed)- Northeastern
Mar 1(Sat)- @UNCW


~ by mglitos on August 31, 2007.

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