This Qualifies As Exciting…

And self-serving, too.

I’ve been told by my publisher that we will be printing a paperback version of Cinderella this February. Technically they will print it and I’ll sit by my mailbox like a kid on Christmas Eve. It will likely include an afterword with an update of last season from where the book left off–I was able to squeeze in a couple early season nonconference games–and the start of this season.

Of course the paperback version will have a smaller cover price for you cheapskates those of you who have only recently stumbled upon it.

My weekend has just gotten better.

[UPDATE] This question just crossed my mind. Who has it better this Labor Day weekend, ODU or UNCW? One team gets six hours of basketball and two hours of free time on the beach in the Bahamas. The other team  gets two hours of basketball and six hours of free time on the beach in Wilmington.

Not as easy as one would think.


~ by mglitos on August 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “This Qualifies As Exciting…”

  1. Kickass. I, of course, still hold moral superiority because I paid full hardback cover price. But the rest of you should definitely buy the paperback.

  2. That’s great news, Mr. Litos.

  3. So you make people click to another page before they can click to order the book?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, that’s poor site usability and poor marketing MG.

  4. Michael, will you autograph the paperback editions only in pencil?

  5. Sweet – now I can sell my hardcover copy and get the paperback… I’ll come out on top!

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