The Newest Feature: Benevolence Thursday…

We appreciate the work and insight of others, and there’s no joke attached to that. All the links below deserve reading, not just because it is good stuff, but because we need to support their efforts as well.

Oh, and it isn’t really Benevolence Thursday. I’m just in a good mood and today happens to be Thursday. See how that works? There’s your look into how I quickly post a stupid title the creative process. I’ll randomly post a pile of links when I read a bunch of good stuff. (Side note: wow, I used high-quality words like “bunch,” “stuff,” and “pile” all over the place. Perhaps this is Lazy Thursday.)

Here we go:

Brian Mull tells us about Olivia Newton Moss working out his Seahawks. Money quote:

“I saw the complete T.J. Carter package yesterday. He buried 3-pointers, made strong drives to the rim, penetrated the lane and kicked to wide-open shooters on the perimeter. Of course, he was taking advantage of huffing and puffing newcomers. Still, it was impressive.”

Rich Radford checks in on the same subject, and more, although for ODU. The Monarchs are on their way to the Bahamas.

And don’t forget to head over to NCAA Hoops Today–a treasure trove of information. If this guy doesn’t know it, he knows where to send you to get it. Plus, it doesn’t ever hurt to hate Duke.

Not CAA-based, because we aren’t one-trick ponies:

Dan Steinberg nails it, especially the part where he points out the hyperbole (and hubris) of some writers.

Over at Mr. Irrelevant, Chris Mottram also nails it, doing everyone a favor and putting actual numbers against what we all knew. It’s also the reason why I don’t know that I’ve watched five consecutive minutes of SportsCenter in four years. I work, literally, five blocks from the courts building where the Vick plea deal went down. There was more hype surrounding peanut M&Ms appearing in our vending machine. We care, but not that much.

I urge you to support The Extrapolater in his attempt to create a drinking game around boring college football plays. Here’s a start: every three yard run inside the tackles nets a drink. Defensive guy gets off the ground whooping it up like he just blocked a punt for a game-winning touchdown nets an extra drink. That second part is open to interpretation–my game is a collaborative effort.

G: TB is having fun again, and we’re highly appreciative.


~ by mglitos on August 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Newest Feature: Benevolence Thursday…”

  1. You want to talk about Laziness Thursday, I can’t even bother with the article “The” when linking your blog. centways start with “CAA”.

  2. I think we can live with the lost article. The link is appreciated.

  3. I am “all in” on the Extra P drinking game this weekend…

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