I’m Buying, Part Deux

I’m a little twisted with UNCW and it’s my own fault. You see, I like to be different. Not a malcontent, necessarily, but someone who has no problem looking at a situation from a completely different point of view: my own. Call it contrarian or devil’s advocate, but my view is mine.

Therein lies the rub. Everyone is picking UNCW as their “comeback team” this year in the CAA and that bothers me. You see, I’ve made predictions based solely on the fact that everyone sees the situation one way and that’s the only reason it won’t turn out that way. The Fates love that stuff.

Examples? Everybody knew the Red Sox would choke that big July 1 divison lead and the Yankees would win the division going away. Everbody had Hofstra winning the CAA last year. Nobody would admit to watching America’s Got Talent. (Hey, I loved The Hoff and Cass got robbed, but I digress…)

In this instance, though, I must agree. UNCW is going to be good. It’s about far more than TJ Carter, although that’s a big reason.

Todd Hendley, Vladie Kools, and Daniel Fountain were around for their championship season two years ago. You can look at Montex Downey play and see he has a bright future. UNCW is big and experienced. As odd as it seems, they really need to shoot the ball to be successful, something Daniel Fountain can do. If Fountain proved anything, it’s that he is a catch-and-shoot bomber, not one to curl off a screen or create his own shot. Juco transfer point guard Marlo Davis will allow Fountain that opportunity. Plus,I caught a few minutes of Vladie on the tube last night and he looked slimmer.

UNCW returns its top four scorers, 83% of its scoring, and 67% of its rebounding. And adds Carter.


Throw them in that middle of the conference quagmire, and don’t be shocked to see them finish fourth.


It hasn’t escaped me that the two teams I really like for this season combined to win 12 games last year. Nuf Ced.


~ by mglitos on August 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “I’m Buying, Part Deux”

  1. Mike, I agree with all you said about the players and the potential talent on the floor but I think you left out one key element that I think will doom the dub to mediocrity and that is the Moss factor. What I saw last year when they visited the Stu from up close, was a coach who did not have his players’ respect. When he huddled with his starters during timeouts, I saw disinterest, wandering eyes, talking (other than the coaches) and bickering among the players. At one point he stormed out on the court to intercept and yell at a player and my wife said “did you see that, that kid flinched like he thought the coach was going to hit him” I did see it and it did look like that. Moss may be great and may have just been dealing with some bad attitudes/chemistry last year, but I just not buying yet.

    BTW, just found your blog a few weeks ago and now look forward to reading it daily. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Bob’s description reminds me of Matt Daugherty before he got canned by UNC. That can definitely hurt a young coach. Ruling through intimidation might work in the short run, but it doesn’t have legs.

  3. Dammit, I meant Doherty.

  4. Bob, I noticed the same thing…there was a lot of screaming. Completely different vibe than I got from Monte Ross or Bill Coen and their players. Still, I’m always amazed at how much winning can cover, and losing uncover.

    No worries, Extra P. It’s an easy mixup–they look nearly identical. Side note: I love Brad Daugherty. He’s the best bad commentator out there. Love listening to games he does. He is also in the record books for never having committed a personal foul in his entire college career–in his mind. I’ve never seen anyone wave his arms so hysterically after bludgeoning an opponent. El Deano taught him well.

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