Like I Say, I Always Follow A Job Through to the End…

Am I the only one who watched A Few Dollars More last night? I dare you to tell me Lee Van Cleef isn’t the best good/bad guy ever.

I almost forgot I promised some detail around the teams I like to perform better than expected this season. I may as well start with the team I find very intriguing: JMU.

I did receive a few (more than three, less than five) emails that basically said the same thing: you like James Madison? I thought you followed the conference? Do you realize this isn’t 1994?

Let me be clear in that I’m not saying the Dukes will challenge for the conference title or even a Friday respite come CAA tourney-time. I am saying, though, I can easily see a William & Mary scenario circa 2006.

Even though JMU has posted no more than seven wins in any of its past four seasons—the cumulative total of 25 wins is three less than VCU had all of last season alone—Dean Keener has one thing he hasn’t since he walked onto campus: options. It took longer than expected to clean up the Dillard Mess but he’s done so and this is the year it should take root.

Look, they return four players who averaged double figures in scoring last season. They have Joe Posey, the #2 returning three point marksman and Terence carter, the #3 returning rebounder in the conference. They have the Junkyard Dawg and a sophomore point guard that averaged about 35 minutes last year. (Hint: this year is when those minutes start paying off.)

Oh, and there’s the infusion of a second team All Conference player in Abdullai Jalloh and some toughness and much needed defense in Dazz Thornton. Jalloh is a flat out scorer and brings swagger. Don’t buy it? Ask Old Dominion fans about Isaiah Hunter.

They will need to play defense, an area in which they were woeful last season. The 258 treys they gave up were 30 more bonus shots than the second worst team (Towson). They also gave up 80 or more points seven times.

I’m telling you. Don’t be flummoxed if the Dukes get to 8-10 this year.

And while the days of the Electric Zoo are still in the distance, by the end of this year when JMU scores their first points at the Convo, you won’t be able to hear the seat backs unfolding.


~ by mglitos on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Like I Say, I Always Follow A Job Through to the End…”

  1. This post makes Kent Culuko very happy.

  2. The Culuko jokes could run wild, but we’ll stop at a captip for the impressive pickup on the specificity of that date. Well done.

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