If This Post Were a Volleyball Player, It Would Be A Setter…

By the time the season rolls around, I’ll come up with some cheesy gimmick for Fridays, since most of my Friday is spent thinking about “when am I going to mow the lawn” and “how many Stellas are in the fridge?”

I’d be witty and informative and have a catchy title, something like Travelocity Friday, where I give you the best places to go when you road trip to CAA cities. (Hey, wait a minute, that might be good…)

Of course, when the season rolls around I’ll have, you know, the pesky Saturday games to talk about. Ah, the tortured life of the blogger.

But I digress…

So it hit me as I was reviewing George Mason info for my Blue Ribbon write up that the summer “Prospectus” has become the industry-standard term and approach sports information offices use to provide preseason data on their team. You can imagine what it contains: last year’s stats, information on freshmen and transfers, and the ubiquitous “we’re going to have to have guys step up” quotes from coaches.

Don’t get me wrong–it is an invaluable source of information and highly useful. (Side note: I believe Jeremy Kniffin from Hofstra was the first to utilize such an approach. Well done.)

But it got me to thinking how I was going to kill time write an inspiring blog entry today. There will be detail all next week, but here goes my first attempt at crossover blogging…your stock tips analysis of the upcoming CAA season.

No, I have been drinking, though upon re-reading what I’ve done I think I’ve been slipped a Mickey.


UNCW: The Mossmen are loaded. More than 80% of their scoring is back, not including TJ Carter.

JMU: Stop laughing at me and realize Dazz Thronton gives them defense, Abdullai Jalloh gives them a scorer (and swagger), and they actually have depth.

Nor’Easter: You have no idea how much talent and enthusiasm is coming from Boston. And get this: nobody is a senior. I’m calling top three, at worst, next season. Quote me on that.


George Mason: I really like these guys but they are expected to be good.

Old Drextra Commonwealth: all four teams lose a lot but have a lot. Pure wait ‘n see.

Delaware: I love the way those kids play for Monte Ross. That Egerson kid is supposed to be something. Need to see it, though. Unless I’m cracking a joke, I hate to guess.

Towson: These guys are going to be interesting. Finally we can talk about them without saying the words Gary Neal. I’m looking forward to watching them grow and progress, and I mean that. It’s the hoops geek in me.


William & Mary: The problem I see is that everyone got better and they got the same.

Georgia State: You have to have depth in this conference, because it is a bitch of a season. Give Barnes some time, though.


~ by mglitos on August 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “If This Post Were a Volleyball Player, It Would Be A Setter…”

  1. Actually.. Mark Washington is a senior but anything you get from Mwash is gravy.

  2. Very true, but Adako, Spates, Janning, Allen, and someone whose name escapes me at the moment are the core of the team.

    I guess I look at it this way: technically, a tomato is a fruit. But really. Is it in the same league as a strawberry?

    Seriously, though, Nor’Easter will be returning its top six or seven players next year. Wow.

  3. the two transfers in Alverez and Ojogoboh

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