Where Have You Gone, Uwe Blab?

Dustin Dopirak writes a factually correct article in today’s Harrisonburg DNR about the trouble mid major coaches have finding big men. Specifically, tall men. Good work, as usual, from Dopirak. Bonus quote: Pecora, using the world’s total population as a reference point.

I wonder, though, about the importance of the back-to-the-basket center. Mobility and versatility are becoming the  hallmarks of “big men.” Larranaga admits as much in the article. It used to be–way back when I was a kid–that a point guard who could also shoot was the hot commodity. Then, it became the forward who could handle the ball. (Side note: the “point forward” was easily the stupidest term ever coined.)

Nowadays, centers are almost expected to handle the ball, move from block to block, and get out in transition. Basketball is like everything else in the world: it evolves. As much as it pains me to admit this, Vladie Kools is not as valuable as Tommy Breaux. And probably for good reason.


~ by mglitos on August 23, 2007.

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