Upon Further Review, This Post Needs a Title…

I don’t want to get all story-telling on you this morning, so I’ll just give you the list of why I’m buying UNCW stock these days:

1. UNCW returns its top four scorers, 83% of its scoring, and 67% of its rebounding.

2. Daniel Fountain will stop trying to force things. He isn’t a creator, he is a shooter. Last year Fountain tried to create. This year, he can just shoot.

3. TJ Carter. I could be wrong, but I think UNCW is the only team adding an all conference player, and a senior, to its roster.

4. Say it with me: Vladie Kools.

5. Montez Downey had the kind of freshman season (re: not good, but not awful) that portends a very good sophomore season. Most importantly: he was actually on the floor during games. While the clock was running.

6. The Lacy Effect. We hate recruiting here, but I read a lot of good things about Domonique Lacy from people that like and follow recruiting. At minimum Lacy makes UNCW more athletic and able to play the style Benny Moss wants.

The key: Marlo Davis replacing Temi Soyebo at the point.

Let’s not go overboard. I’m not saying UNCW will challenge for the league championship. I’m definitely saying, though, this isn’t a bottom four team. The net: the Seahawks are definitely in that middle bog. Scheduling and last-second shots will determine whether or not UNCW plays on Friday March 7.


Former Nor’Easter forward and captain Bennet Davis has signed a contract to play for Maccabi Ironi Ramat Gan of the Israeli Premier League. Davis’ senior year–last year– saw him lead the Huskies in points, rebounds and blocks, and he was named to the All-CAA third team.


Speaking of Nor’Easter and Bennet Davis, one of their assistants Steve Scalzi put together a highlight video of the 2006-07 season. You’ll need to scroll down a bit and click on the link, but it’s well done.

Here’s my question: how come these highlight videos are all set to rap music? Couldn’t we get some Coltrane working? Oregon Hill Funk All Stars? Rolling Stones?

(Side note: I still say the opening to Sympathy for the Devil is the ultimate song for home team introductions. Really. Imagine the percussion beat followed by Mick with: “Please allow me to introduce myself…” So much better than the volume cranked up to 11 with bad, undiscernable guitar it isn’t even funny.)


Former Georgia State head coach Michael Perry has resurfaced.


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