The More Things Change, The More They Stay…

By now you know Poor Bill is one of my favorite people. That goes for everybody I’ve met in my college hoops travels.

(Side note for newcomers: Poor Bill is Bill Coen, the head coach at Northeastern. He was bestowed that moniker last season–his first as a head coach–when it seemed every break that could’ve gone against him did just that. Except maybe dandruff. Still Northeastern finished 9-9 in the conference and Coen, undaunted, had his team playing hard and responding–all of it earned my respect.)

So when Nor’Easter released its schedule over the weekend, I had to chuckle. Ten of the Huskies’ first 12 games are roadies. And let’s look at a disaster scenario. Let’s say there is a snowstorm and Mathews Arena is unplayable in early January. That sets up a 14 of 16 road test to start things. Egad.

Joking aside, it ain’t going to be easy. Again.

Sun. Nov. 11 – @ Illinois
Thurs. Nov. 15 – @ Maryland
Mon. Nov. 19 – @ Boston University
Sun. Nov. 25 – @ Maine
Wed. Nov.28 – @ Rhode Island
Sat. Dec. 1 – James Madison
Mon. Dec. 3 – @ New Hampshire
Thurs. Dec. 6 – @ UCONN
Tues Dec. 19 – Harvard
Sat. Dec 22 – @ Boston College
Sun. Dec. 30 – @ Syracuse
Wed. Jan. 2 – @ Towson
Sat. Jan. 5 – Georgia State
Wed. Jan. 9 – Drexel
Sat. Jan. 12 – @ George Mason
Wed.Jan. 16 – @ William & Mary
Sat.Jan. 19 – Delaware
Wed Jan. 23 – @ UNC Wilmington
Sat. Jan. 26 – Hofstra
Wed. Jan. 30 – @ Delaware
Sat. Feb. 2 – @ Drexel
Wed.Feb. 6 – Old Dominion
Sat. Feb. 9 – William & Mary
Wed. Feb. 13 – @ Hofstra
Sat. Feb.16 – @ Georgia State
Wed Feb. 20 – VCU
Sat. Feb. 23 – @ Bracket Buster — TBA
Wed. Feb. 27 – @ Old Dominion
Sat. Mar. 1 – George Mason


I’m buying into the “UNCW will be good” theories on a far greater scale than I did just two days ago. I mean that. Detail later today.


JMU is 1-1 in its trip to Spain–although much like youth soccer and its panzie parents, the score really doesn’t matter. But the latest blog post has me wondering: which has the largest circumference–Terence Carter’s bicep or Kyle Swanston’s chest?


~ by mglitos on August 20, 2007.

11 Responses to “The More Things Change, The More They Stay…”

  1. Where did you get this information from? There is nothing on the Northeastern site.

  2. In re above comment, Mike why do you think you’re reading his blog?

  3. Wonder why they agreed to travel to all those BCS schools? Not a good mix of teams in their Non-conference schedule.

  4. I just found it odd that there is nothing on the college’s webpage and yet a blog has the entire schedule.

  5. Mike–I’m not saying this as a personal pat-on-the-back, but as an honest answer. I’ve actually seen the entire conference schedule, but I promised to keep it under wraps.

    The main reason I’m able to provide information on this blog is rooted in trust. If I’m given information off the record it remains there until I’m told differently. Many times there is no harm involved and I’m allowed to stream bits and pieces out. You will see more of that this fall. But what it comes down to is the relationships I’ve been able to build with many folks in the CAA and their trust that they can be comfortable around me. Without that, I’m providing little more than commentary.

    Now, the commentary is 100% me being an idiot but I like to enjoy it. After all, it’s just college basketball.

    Oh, and there’s the fact that I don’t have 15 cycles of approval like an academic institution likely faces.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

  6. Interesting, I would think a school would make a big deal about releasing a schedule before they release it.

    How come the schools take forever to release this information then? I don’t get it why they would release to you, or as you said, because they trust you? It is stupid to send out season ticket renewal information and a schedule has yet to come out? I doubt most people would base their decision on that fact alone, but you never know.

  7. Couple things…first, the schools know who they’re getting home/away for conference in advance. It is the specific dates that are worked on over the summer. As the noncon part shapes up, the schools are able to promote that. Second, they have a pile of risk I don’t face. Foremost, they likely won’t announce an opponent until the ink is dry on the contracts. It’s one thing to say “we’ve agreed to play State!” It’s another to actually have the contract in hand. Much can go wrong in a hurry in a contract negotiation and it is very bad to go back to your fans and alums–those who donate $$$–and say “oops.”

    Once that is done, they then have to go through the time-consuming part of designing their materials, having those approved, printed, and shipped. Me? I type info into a computer.

    The difference really has nothing to do with trust. It has everything to do with timing. I don’t know who you follow, but I’m betting your season ticket renewal letter included the “opponents we’ll play at home.” without dates. You’ll get a schedule card in approximately eight weeks with the actual dates. Sometime in that eight weeks the website will be updated.

    Meanwhile, I’ve blogged, we’ve discussed, and life has moved on.

  8. THe school already released the info to season ticket holders hence why it’s ok for litos to publish it. It’s no secret that NU HAS to book guarantee games the reasoning is complicated but simply put comes down to money. There’s a reason they’re called guaranteed games. Don’t be shocked if NU wins one of those games by the way. Freshman Chaisson Allen is hte real deal and will make an immediate impact on this squad. With the transfers they have coming in Anywhere between 4-7 I think is manageable. the 08-09 season this team will be one ofthe top 3 in conf

  9. Completely agree with the above: Nor’easter is going to be very, very good next year. This year they are in the 4-8 muck that is impossible to predict.

  10. The school that I support, the season ticket letter did not mention any opponents, which was one of your questions.

  11. Mike,

    although the schedule looks like a killer but in actuality, BU, BC, Rhode Island and UNH are not your typical “road games.”

    BU is short walk across the Fenway, BC is a trolly ride, Providence, RI is a 40 min. ride and UNH is a little over an hour away.

    And for that reason I happen to disagree with the 4-7 prediction. I really think Illinois and Maryland are ripe for an upset. Illinois will take us lightly and Maryland lost a ton and they’re young too. BC is a winnable game as they lost a lost as well.

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