The Conundrum Athletic Association

I spent some time with Rod Barnes and the Georgia State Panthers and decided this outfit is latest to enter the growing stable of “teams impossible to predict.”

Barnes only has 10 active players on his roster, barring fall semester walk-ons. Five are sophomores. Icky-poo.

Deven Dickerson is a skilled big man–and a really, really big man–but he is hampered by asthma. Rashad Chase was All Freshman.

And they have a stud player you may not know about–and judging by the attendance you haven’t (sorry Harry Doyle)–in Leonard Mendez, who led the CAA in three-point percentage last season. (Second sorry to my friends at G:TB for mentioning Mendez.)

There is talent and Barnes will have the Panthers playing hard.

“I expect my teams to bring a good work ethic every practice and every game,” says Barnes. “I want my teams to be disciplined in their approach and in the games.”

Still, they have no real point guard and no depth. You have to love what Barnes is going to get done down there. He will no doubt make Georgia State and the league stronger. It’s just not going to be this year.


~ by mglitos on August 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Conundrum Athletic Association”

  1. oh, mendez. dagger.

  2. Leonard just killed us, just like his brothers Lyle and Erik? Oh, right, that’s MenENdez…

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