You Can Begin to Smell October 15 When Items Like This Hit the Wires…

The CAAZone is reporting that George Mason athletic director Tom O’Connor–who also happens to be the chairman of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee–recently briefed NCAA officials about the upcoming season’s “points of emphasis.”

Scrutiny will focus on rough post play, the proper enforcement of charging and blocking fouls, and palming the basketball. I’ll buy the rough post play emphasis; some guys are getting killed on the blocks and officials have hidden behind the “no advantage gained” excuse. What’s worse–and I hope this is deemed part of “rough play”–is the jersey grabbing. Yes, it is a personal beef of mine, but it’s annoying. I never realized an armful of polyester was part of setting a proper screen.

But I laugh at the charge/block calls, and the palming. Those will never be consistently called and we’re going to have to learn to live with that. I’m not blaming the officials; the game has simply changed. It’s bigger and faster, making the charge/block nearly impossible to call. And palming? The only way it can be “emphasized” is to call it every trip down the floor. That would doom the assist-to-turnover ratio stat, and we’re a looooonngg way from the days of Duke leading Carolina 7-0 at the half.

The final point outlined by O’Connor surrounds the behavior of coaches on the sidelines during games, and enforcement of the coach’s box. Is this really a scourge on the game? I understand you don’t want coaches at the midcourt line barking out instruction to the team, or “encouragement” to the officiating about charge/block consistency.

But really. This rule is best served as more a guideline. It doesn’t need strict enforcement. As long as a coach isn’t abusing geography, everyone is happy with the referee telling a coach to get back if he strays too far.

If the coaches aren’t complaining and the fans aren’t complaining and the officials aren’t complaining and the players aren’t complaining, just why does it need emphasis?


~ by mglitos on August 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “You Can Begin to Smell October 15 When Items Like This Hit the Wires…”

  1. Enforcing the coach’s box??? What the %#@*$!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next thing you know they’ll want to ban crotch-grabbing, screaming profanities at your team during play, and doing your best “Howard Dean in Iowa” impression after every call that goes against your team.

  2. Sounds like James is referring to a certain dynamo humm residing in the Philly area, not that I’m mentioning names. Michael you cannot tell me that Bruiser does not on occasion intimidate the officials. THAT is an unfair advantage and I’ll complain about it to anyone who will listen.

  3. Keep in mind, Catfish, we’re talking geography. Sure Bruiser is an active coach. But is his fire any more intimidating than an Anthony Grant death stare? A Mount St. Moss eruption? I think the officials know how Bruiser is off the court and are entertained by his antics. I’ve seen them laugh when Bruiser was most angry. Besides, all tehy have to do is call the technical foul once and Flint stays put. Like I said: use it as a guideline.

    Look at it this way: what does “emphasis” mean? Does Pecora get t’d up for kneeling beside his bench, one foot outside the box, despite not speaking a word?

    Oh, and the “dynamo humm residing in the Philly area” is coming from the Jersey trash. Or water supply.

  4. Michael, I don’t agree with you entirely. From the stands it appears that Bruiser will vociferously object to any call not going his way and eventually they do seem to go his way. But you are closer to the subject than me. I appreciate your response.HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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