And To Think I May Have More Later Today…

UNCW has been tabbed by College Hoopsnet as its #94 preseason team, good for a fourth-place prediction in the CAA. (Most of you know CHN selects the Top 144 teams in the 144 days leading up to the season.)

I can’t say they are wrong, but I also can’t say they are right. As I write, TJ Carter is on my ballot for first team All CAA. But TJ Carter is not the difference in seven wins and a fourth place finish. As a comparable, last season’s fourth place team was a 13-5, 22-7 Drexel team that was “mistakenly” left out of the NCAA tournament. Carter is great, but he’s no Michael Jordan.

Here’s the real two keys for UNCW: (1) point guard play. I don’t care what accolades have been thrust upon any freshman or juco transfer. There is an adjustment period to D1 basketball and this entire team will be adjusting to a new point guard; and (2) Todd Hendley. Benny Moss is dying to play fast. He’s got a pile of guards now. Plus, UNCW (other than Vladie Kools) is thin up front. Does Hendley have enough post play ability? How much are you bleeding the asset if you take him of the perimeter?


Further mucking the picture (in August, mind you) is that Rivals has chosen Drexel its #64 overall team of 2007-08. (Ironic, no?) It’s mucked because–of course–these teams are impossible to distinguish right now. But it’s fun to debate.


Nice new design over at the CAAZone. Those guys spent their summer improving a very good website. It is definitely on the recommend list (if such list existed).


George Mason recruit Jay Threatt had robbery, abduction and gun charges dropped. In a development usually reserved for a Law & Order episode, the key prosecution witness was out of the country. (Smells of Nichole Wallace, no?)

Threatt still faces the possibility of an indictment and trial as an adult.

Net: way too early and way too inappropriate to speculate on what happens next. Let it play out.


Freshmen applications to VCU broke a record this year, leaving you to wonder how many were in response to the Rams’ performance on the NCAA hoops stage. I personally wonder how many of those applications had a Chapel Hill mailing address.


~ by mglitos on August 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “And To Think I May Have More Later Today…”

  1. Rivals does realize that Bruiser Flint captians that ship, right? That guy could screw up a ham sandwich.

  2. Nice spelling by me…I meant “captains” obviously.

  3. No issue. Spelling is important for those people that are interested in “quality.” I don’t know what their problem is.

  4. Haha – you wrote “…Further mucking…” and I had just glanced at it and thought, wow, not a PG website any more.

  5. VCU’s increase(let’s be realistic) is due to more kids not being able to get into UVA, VT,JMU, etc. In Hampton Roads more and more kids are going to VCU because they want to get away but their in state choices due to academics are few. Let’s not get carried away here. They are going there to party, not because the BB team beat Duke.

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