Charles Kuralt Would Be Proud of Me…

Great stuff from Kyle. While the MSM is busy wiping saliva from their chins over OJ Mayo and the rest of the Kiddies in the Jimmy V Classic, he knows to focus on the real heart of college basketball. The piece is more informative than entertaining, but it also gets your mind in the right place: your team’s noncon can feature a BCS school without the need for a shower.

I’m serious. What’s more fun: Appy State drumming Virginia, or watching Mayo go 6-19 from the field with seven turnovers and be compared to LeBron James?


The 2007-08 CAA schedule is coming out shortly, and you need to pay particular attention to Saturday games. I was perusing information about JMU heading to Spain in a couple of weeks and ODU taking a Labor Day Break trip to the Bahamas (motto: “Aussies Gone Wild!) and it hit me that travel is a very important concept to mid major fans.

I’m not talking about the hardcore fans that hit the road early in the morning, catch the game, and then hit the road for home. Love those guys. Rather, I’m talking about becoming a Smell the Roses fan. Or the Three Day Weekend fan.

It’s a concept I’ve fairly perfected over the past four years and it revolves around taking some extra time in the road city to soak up what it has to offer. The game is what got you there, but there’s no reason you cannot enjoy more than just the game. You never know what you can learn.

Longtime readers know my affection for Wilmington. What could possibly be wrong with three days at the beach that includes a basketball game, great restaurants, and a fun downtown scene? Your Team @ UNCW is a circle-in-red-pen game.

But this concept of geographical relevance for television pays off in other ways. I learned just how walkable Boston’s streets are, and that it isn’t that cold there unless you are inside Mathews Arena. Last season I took a wonderful tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There’s a ton in and around Mason–because it’s so close to home it’s all too familiar to me, but it isn’t to you.

So check the schedule and make some plans. It’s worth it, I promise. With luck, your team will pick up a road win.

And because I’m good that way, I’ll make a few suggestions when I get the sked.


~ by mglitos on August 9, 2007.

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