Part of Smart is Knowing When You Have Nothing but Others Have Something…

Brian Mull bring us the news that The Dub head coach Benny Moss has set an application deadline of August 13 for the vacant assistant coach position with the Seahawks. According to Mull, “(Moss) expects to talk to three to five candidates and hopes to hire someone within a week or 10 days of the deadline.”

Continuing my spin around CAA blogland, I see Rich Radford has made it off the golf course to provide some ODU updates. Like ODU fans I know, I believe Rich does nothing but cover ODU men’s basketball, so it’s about time.

Future note: the Harrisonburg fishwrap has a writer Dustin Dopirak who has covered the league for a few years. Dopirak knows the league and does a very good job, so I’m hoping the paper is smart enough to give him a blog come hoops season like they’ve done for the JMU football team. (Side note: Beautiful One’s Motto of Football–“A bunch of guys run a few steps and fall down. How boring!”)


~ by mglitos on August 7, 2007.

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