Except for the Overturned Lemon Truck, It Was Perfect…

I’ve figured out exactly how I want the next 25 years of my career to unfold. (Hang with me; we’re going to go a long way today to get to the point that you are interested in reading…)

I spent Saturday sitting on a back porch (not mine) in the mountains of North Carolina. There was a nice breeze blowing through the screen, and I cranked out some Blue Ribbon preview work. If I got stumped or tired, I looked up to a beautiful mountain view. If I got thirsty, I took about eight steps and grabbed a Stella. About mid-afternoon I went for a hike and a swim. The most difficult part of the weekend–other than driving home–was the walk ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE to fire up the grill and throw the pork tenderloin on it.

Pure hell. And exactly the kind of hell I want to have to endure.

So anyway, obviously I began to evaluate things on a deeper level than the back of a napkin. I came across Senor Crankypants’ outfit in Harrisonburg and I had to stop and think about five times about the Dukes. Granted, Stella could’ve had a hand in it, but I’m thinking these guys could actually win some this season.

Stop laughing, I mean it.

You know about the Junkyard Dawg. And Terence Carter proved he can play. Pierre Curtis has an entire year as a point guard under his belt. Kyle Swanston is a key–he seems to have some ability and now he needs to produce. Joe Posey can shoot it.

Now add Abdullai Jalloh. Dazz Thornton. That’s a decent squad. Now, I don’t know how much defense they will play and they seem a bit undersized. I imagine Dean Keener will be stressing “don’t let them score 80 and put your fanny on someone” during the fall, but they appear to be able to score and will be far more competitive.

When James Madison takes down a top three team before the AFC Championship game, remember where you read it.

Side note: Gabe Chami is screaming for some attention. He looks like some actor whose name escapes me but I keep thinking Vladie Lite. Let me know if you can help.


~ by mglitos on August 6, 2007.

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