I Smell a Theme This Week…

There is nobody better to talk to than Bruiser Flint. Though he’s legendary for his sideline, uh, activity the Drexel coach is no windbag. He always greets me with a laugh and answers questions directly and honestly.

To wit: I was asking about players working on aspects of their game over the summer and before I could clarify that I wanted to know if anyone stood out, Flint broke in with “I hope so!” and laughed through it.

He continued to talk about giving the players cards that outline goals and what the coaching staff would like the players to work on over the summer (since an NCAA rule prohibits the coaches from having contact with players)  and that they have to take pride in their approach to basketball and life.

About 1,000 other coaches could’ve given me a Lalooshism, but not Bruiser.


Of note from our discussion:

“If our guards play well we’ll be fine. Scott (Rogers) and Tra (Tamayne Hawthorne) have experience but the other guys are freshmen or didn’t play much. This is the year for Lance (Feurtado) and Rob (Hampton) to step up. There weren’t minutes to go around (last season) and this is their opportunity.”

Kenny Tribbett–it’s about confidence.

Evan Neisler–rebounds very well but needs to get better defensively.

Side note: everybody, I’m sure, is asking him about Frank the Tank, so other than the obligatory question we avoided Elegar.


~ by mglitos on August 3, 2007.

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