Today is George Mason Wednesday…

It gets curiouser and curiouser…

Mason hopefuls were pointing to the BB&T Classic as a chance for their Local Cred–a game against local heavyweight/whiny-coached Maryland. Sadly, Andy Katz reported that Mason will draw eastern Carolina heavyweight/near-fired coached East Carolina. There are two additional games, but sheesh what a downer for late July.

On the educational front, an NCAA-regulation basketball that is also a world globe will be unveiled at Jim Larranaga’s basketball camps this summer.

Asking questions such as, “Which continent has the most countries?” or “How many states begin with the letter ‘M’?,” Larranaga will use the dual-themed basketball to teach concepts such as the proper defensive stance and the Maginot Line. There are two different designs—one featuring Larranaga’s summer camp logo and one featuring George Mason University’s logo—have been produced.

Free trip to Rio for the first camper that can spell and locate Uruguay. (I’ll be here all week; please tip your waitress.)


On a more important front–and a front that makes me a liar, save for a missing O–The Dub announced a deal with MASN to televise up nine Seahawks games, along with “The Seahawk Sports Roundup” and “The Benny Moss Show,” throughout the cable network’s seven-state coverage area.

All the quotes are exactly as you would expect: UNCW is delighted and MASN is excited. The summ is more Dub on teevee, and that’s a good thing. (Side note: good for new-AD Kelly Mehrtens, whose first major announcement is a nine-game teevee package. Granted, I could’ve negotiated 12 games and free beer for the fans, but why quibble?)


Speaking of teevee, if you ever have a question about who is going to be on The Old Tube, head over to NCAA Hoops Today. Those guys post live games, taped games, documentaries, sports movies, and pretty much anything you’d want to watch hoops-wise. It’s one of the more informative sites out there.


~ by mglitos on August 1, 2007.

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