You’ve Got to Know Wright From Rong…

Panama took down the USA yesterday evening 75-67. The Dagger saw three minutes of action and missed both shots he took. To be more precise, he missed one shot and another was swatted away and shown in highlights. Alex Smith played seven minutes for Panama and scored three points. Smith made his only FG and was 1-5 from the line. However his three Fouls On in seven minutes is impressive.

(Side note: how come the national team doesn’t have a nickname? Would we be more intimidating if we were the USA Lions, or USA Yankees? At least we’d have some new uniform options.)

Also, Frank Elegar had 11 points and eight rebounds in the Virgin Islands loss.

So that’s two losses for the Not-So-Good Guys, one to Uruguay and one to Panama. Run those countries through the internet anagram server and you get: A Aura Nap Guy Um, which means I thought something funnier would be the result.


Captip to JCCW, who called me hardcore, causing me to rethink what I do with my spare time. This comes not too long after Dan Steinberg called me relentless, something I hadn’t heard since prom night.

(Today’s side note #2: Steinberg uses a photo of Tony Skinn in a recent note on the Bog. Who’s in the pic with Skinn but Loren Stokes…)

But the JCCW is dead on the mark with two points: first, a rising tide lifts all boats. If the Valley has shown anything, it’s that everyone has to be a solid program for everyone to benefit. Don’t get me started today on the Cycle of Winning.

And second, it’s PanAm all day because, in all honesty, it is July. We hate recruiting here at the CAA:LAMM, and this time of year there is nothing else.

I’d cure eveyone’s ills and jump into the CAA football fray, but somebody needs to fund the Stellas before that happens.

Importantly, look at it this way–if I’m reduced to blogging about CAA basketball players in the Pan Am Games, writing horrifically unfunny lines about prom night, think about how dull my real job has become.


Skip Prosser’s untimely passing is indeed a very sad thing. I was fortunate enough to meet him once, for a handshake and 12 seconds of banter. Prosser looked me in the eye and showed 12 seconds of genuine interest in the book project. I walked away thinking “great guy.”

Very sad indeed.


~ by mglitos on July 27, 2007.

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  1. Testing teh comment field…this post is both brilliant and funny.

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