Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand….

Now try to get that song out of your head.

Sorry about that.

Pan Am Games are in Rio. I had to.

Found a site to track CAA interests in the Pan Am Games. It’s going to take some scrolling, some time conversions, and some hunting to find what you’re after, but it’s worth it. Click on the Reports link for the game that interests you.

Or you can check this space.

Once you download the pdf, you can get a box score. My favorite part is the tracked statistic: Fouls On. I arched my eyebrows when a lunch time check found JJ Barea of Puerto Rico with 5 Fouls On in the first half of its game against Canada.

Then I realized it was more likely Times Fouled, which is kind of cool for a stat head like me.

So anyway, Puerto Rico leads Canada at the half 42-30 behind 15 points and five Fouls On from Barea. Vladie Kools missed all three shots he took in the first half.

Puerto Rico downs Canada 82-63. Barea with 21 for the winners and Vladie Kools with four points, 1 assist and zero rebounds in 14 minutes for Canada.

And Frank the Tank Elegar went for 21 points and 7 rebounds but it wasn’t enough as the Virgin Islands lost to Brazil 86-81.


~ by mglitos on July 25, 2007.

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