Not So Fast, My Friend…

Sorry–I still like Lee Corso.

So I got chat with Old Dominion head coach Blaine Taylor today, and probably the most striking statement that came out of his mouth was very humanizing:

“The thing about our league,” he said, “is that a team can get going good; then they can get going better; then they get momentum and the whole (race) changes. The league is that good.”

Why humanizing? Here is a guy in Taylor that is as aware as any coach and he admits that the margin between first and sixth in the CAA is razor thin.

Think about it this way: in the past three seasons George Mason has squeezed a Final Four run in between two sixth place finishes.

Side note: I tried my best to get him to call Gerald Lee the greatest thing since sliced bread, but Taylor wasn’t biting.

“Gerald was part of the rotation last year,” said Taylor, “and he has an opportunity to ramp up his role and take the next step.”

Gee thanks Coach.

But I think we all know the real story on Lee.


Who’s your fifth?

It’s pretty clear that Eric Maynor, Frank Elegar, Will Thomas, and Antoine Agudio will be the top four players on the preseason All CAA team.

Number Five?

TJ Carter, Folarin Campbell, Todd Hendley are the first names that came to my mind. Then I stretched to Gerald Lee and Abdullah Jalloh. Can’t avoid Herb Courtney or turn my back on Matt Janning.


~ by mglitos on July 17, 2007.

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