Good Performances, Bad Performances

Methinks I should retire from the Sunday updates. Or at least get enough coffee in me to sustain some sort of clarity. In one post I made two mistakes that have been updated–VCUs Maynor is in the Final 14, not the final roster, which is more of a clarification. And Jonathan Tannewald is from, not the Philly fishwrap. Apologies.

Also of note: according to Dick Weiss, one of the best people to attribute “according to” in front of his name, writes that Drexel’s Frank Elegar will represent the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Pan Am and Rick Apodaca, formerly of Hofstra, will play for Puerto Rico in the games.

Who can forget the CAA tournament–I’ll guess 2002 but I could be wrong–where Apodaca almost single-handedly pulled off an upset, including a midcourt heave that had nothing to do with shooting range.


Later edit:

So I read the following on the USA Basketball site about the Pan Am Games–

“Featuring a roster of collegians who competed primarily against older and more internationally experienced senior national teams, the USA men suffered three narrow defeats in five games to place fourth at the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.”

And it got me to thinking…if the USA was 2-3 and didn’t medal four years ago–and it’s being pointed out in every mention that the American team is playing against more experienced pros–shouldn’t we be more excited for Elegar, Vladie Kools, and Smith than Eric Maynor?

Or at least just as excited?


~ by mglitos on July 16, 2007.

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