Didn’t Think News Happened on Fridays

It doesn’t, but I’m a day behind the rest of the world…

ODU beatnick Rich Radford pulled himself off the golf course long enough to file this update about the Monarchs’ late summer plans.

High level: some detail around the ODU schedule and the team’s preparation for their Labor Day excursion to the Bahamas.


Another Actual News Update comes from Rob Washburn in the conference office:

Two–and perhaps three–CAA vets will represent their countries in the upcoming Pan Am Games.

Tribe junior Alex Smith (Panama) and UNCW senior Vladie Kools (Canada) were chosen to play. The Pan-American Games begin July 13 with the men’s basketball portion of the schedule slated to start July 25-29. The Pan-American Games will be aired on ESPN Deportes.

The third is VCUs Eric Maynor, who is trying out for a spot on the USA team.


~ by mglitos on July 13, 2007.

One Response to “Didn’t Think News Happened on Fridays”

  1. Sunday Morning Update:

    Eric Maynor has made the Pan Am roster…unless Andy Katz is lying to us.

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