Using 95 South (Watch the Traffic)

As widely reported, Scott Cherry, an assistant to Jim Larranaga at George Mason, is leaving NoVa to head to Western Kentucky to coach on Darrin Horn’s staff. Yes it is a minor note, but a Cherry quote stood out to me:

“I’m excited about the opportunity that coach Horn is providing not just for me, but my family. It’s a wonderful chance to not only work with a great coach and program, but to get my family closer to home.”

It stands out because of my interaction with Cherry. To say I know him is an overstatement. In fact, our conversations–if you could even call them that–never got past hellos and basic small talk. But what always stood out to me was how Cherry chose to spend his time before games, and between games, and after games.

Cherry could’ve been yucking it up with the Mason players. He could’ve been overanalyzing a piece of minutiae with his fellow coaches. He could’ve been yucking it up with me, a reporter, or any member of the GMU staff. But Cherry could always be found sitting in the stands with his wife and toddler–usually the child was in his arms.

It always struck me as a wonderful thing that Cherry chose to spend his free time being a husband and father. So when he says his move is to get his family closer to home, believe it. Better/worse/lateral move shouldn’t be part of the conversation.

Eric Konkol is returning to Mason to replace Cherry. Konkol was an assistant for the team from 2002-05.


More Mason, and not the good kind of news. A longstanding rumor was confirmed by the Richmond Times Dispatch when the paper reported that Highland Springs guard Jay Threatt, an All-Metro selection and key cog in the school’s run to the state AAA title, is facing robbery and abduction charges in a carjacking case.

Threatt had signed a letter of intent with the Patriots.


With thanks to Georgia State’s Charlie Taylor, a nugget from Rod Barnes about the first thing he told the team when he took over as head coach:

“The first thing my staff and I are trying to do is instill the work ethic that it takes to be successful. We have got to be sure we are working as hard, if not harder, than anyone else. I’ve said before that basketball players are built in the off-season and teams are built in the fall. This has got to be a year round effort by the student-athletes as the rewards of that show up everywhere. It shows up in the classroom with the extra summer school. It shows up in the camaraderie of the team. It shows up in the strength and conditioning.

This summer with Coach Tredell Dorsey we are setting the tone of how important the strength and conditioning program is to our success. It is a long process and it will take a full cycle to see the long-term results of this year-in, year-out work.”


~ by mglitos on July 11, 2007.

7 Responses to “Using 95 South (Watch the Traffic)”

  1. mgl – nice guestie over at the extrapolator. rings sadly true.

  2. Thanks Rob. I’m a bit cranky today.

  3. Wait, is this the Scott Cherry from my neck of the woods in upstate NY I saw play in high school? The one who went to Carolina?

  4. I’m going to say yes to teh Carolina thing but it’s based on my memory, which is a dangerous soruce of information.

    I’m fairly certain (80-90%) he’s a Carolina guy. Probably in his early to mid 30s.

  5. Coach Cherry did play at UNC for Dean Smith.

    Question for you MGL, what will it take for Mason to rid themselves of Threatt now?

    There’s two very good potential transfers at PG that Mason had previously recruited. They’d have to free up Threatt’s scholly to create an opening first though.

  6. This is where my “I Hate Recruiting” stance works against me. But here’s what I’ve got, based on what I believe as I eat a package of Gummy Worms:

    1. Schollies are one-year deals, so it isn’t like Mason tied themselves up for four.

    2. Add potential transfer under the agreement that you “pay your own way this year and you have a schollie next year.

    3. Surely there is some kind of morals clause in the fine print of the scholarship. Perhaps Mason can get out of the commitment based on that.

    4. One thing people forget: basketball players still have to get into school. I have no clue what kind of student Threatt is.

    5. Let due process play its course and perhaps Threatt suits up.

    Plenty of options and I think we’ve all learned what happens when you jump to conclusions. I’ll let this play out, myself.

  7. Ah MGL, peel the onion. Only #3 is a viable option.

    #1 they need the open scholie to give to the transfer

    #2 see response to #1, the two potential transfers, Munson or Twyman, aren’t the type of players that need to pay their own tuition

    #3 I hope your right, but what needs to be done to trigger it, a conviction?

    #4 pretty good one if prep boards are to be believed, qualifying was Twyman’s problem at the time, which is probably why we took Threatt

    #5 unacceptable, he’s already admitted to the crime – send him to Towson

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