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I don’t know how I missed this irony yesterday, but it is glaring and further proof that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Loren Stokes’ teammate on the Orlando Magic summer team: Tony Skinn.



CAA-stuff from Kyle Whelliston’s chat yesterday afternoon. (Side note: he will be chatting again in a few weeks, so don’t go to sleep…Kyle is never afraid to tackle mid major hoops or bad metal music. It’s an hour very well spent because the guy has an actual, living, sense of humor.)

Note: I’ve edited some of the jibber-jabber:

Q: I must ask a question for my friend Diana, who is away from her post today. Will anybody be able to keep up with VCU in the Colonial? And can Diana’s favorite squad, ODU, contend again after losing Williamson, Vasylius and Dahi? Thanks!

Kyle Whelliston: Hey, Rod (and hi, Diana!). Virginia Commonwealth shouldn’t have too much trouble replacing Pellot-Rosa and Walker’s scoring output, but there are the same questions as last year: where do the rebounds come from, and how to defend the perimeter? But few teams were as good as covering weaknesses with alternate strengths (like extreme ball control and superb shot selection), and this year should be more of the same. I think Mason will be back with a vengeance, though.

And there are a few teams I don’t worry too much about after key graduations, and ODU is one of those. Brian Henderson and Brandon Johnson is a solid back line, and get ready for the emergence of 6-9 sophomore Gerald Lee, he will explode this year with more playing time. The league is most likely too tough for the Monarchs to win, but this won’t be a free-fall collapse such as what happened after 1997 or 1999. The cupboard’s far from empty.

Q: Your Top 5 in the CAA this year? I’m thinking (1) VCU (2) ODU (3) GMU (4) Hofstra (5) Northeastern If Benny Moss can get his kids to buy into his system, I’m thinking UNCW can surprise – and watch out for GSU in 08/09, they’ll sneak up on people.

Kyle Whelliston: I’d put GMU on top, then VCU, ODU, there are your big three for sure. Then Hofstra. I also think Northeastern will have enough scoring, but there isn’t very much beef — then again, there are a lot of lower-division CAA teams that lack rebound power right now. Don’t forget about Towson or JMU with their additions, William & Mary won’t embarrass themselves, and never count out Drexel. I see a three-stratum CAA developing again, as opposed to the prince/pauper split we saw during the earlier part of the decade.

I’m skeptical about UNCW, but I hope the Seahawks can dig out from last year’s system shock. That was a frightening disaster.

Q: Gotta get some CAA working, Kyle–with two straight at larges and two straight “should’ve-been-ins,” the conference is clearly still rising. Who do I look for this year to pull a Mason/VCU? Forget the Valley–has the CAA passed the A10?

Kyle Whelliston: Even though I’m covering that league again this year, I’d have to say the CAA is definitely a more entertaining and deep league. So yeah, it’s ahead. Credit that to a much smoother expansion… the Atlantic 14 has a really soggy bottom, and while there are pushovers in the CAA, its middle is solidifying more solidly. Mason and VCU will be right there again in 07-08, all deja vu-style.


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  1. “william & mary won’t embarrass themselves”

    that counts as high praise. i’m getting a little teary.

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