Dating Coach K

Killing that iPod thing due to stupidity.


Noncons are beginning to close up. I understand ODU is now finished, and VCU is looking for one game, against a top 75 RPI team. So doing my best Chuck Woolery impersonation, I chose to head over to Basketball Travelers to see what I could do.

Presto, VCU is looking for a home and home with a December 19 open date. My mind said Charlotte, who also wants a H/H and has the 19th available. Sadly, UNCC (that’s old school) checks in at 146. It was 104 in 2006.

I recommend Missouri State, if only to promote the CAA/MVC Challenge mid major fans want to see.

Hey, I did see Florida is looking for a neutral site game…… Tampa.


From yesterday, there is this item to consider. Tip of the cap to The Truth About Duke via NCAA Hoops Today.

According to a column in the Greensboro News-Record, it seems Coach K is a mite peeved at the Duke hating that occurs these days.

“The tipping point, members of the Duke program think, came during the 2007 NCAA tournament, when it was reported that members of the media were cheering loudly in the press room at Joel Coliseum in Winston-Salem as they watched the Blue Devils lose to Virginia Commonwealth in Buffalo on TV. Though most of the cheering was done by a television cameraman who was a VCU grad, those at Duke saw it as an example of just how damaged their relationship with the media had become.”

The money quote, for me:

“They haven’t become ‘Duke’ yet,” he said. “We didn’t have juniors and seniors who have gone through that kind of stuff. So, you’re a much more fragile team.”



Fear not for the lack of specific items. I’m pulling together the information to prepare for Blue Ribbon in the next week or two. All of these crazy player movements will be written.


~ by mglitos on June 27, 2007.

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  1. Mike this kind of info and insight is why I always read your blog. Jim

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