There’s no such thing as writer’s block

So when I need to escape from my real job, my mind doesn’t wander to the normal places. There’s no mental list of my weekend to see how much free time I can open up to watch golf on the couch. (Clarification: The golf is on teevee, and I am on the couch.) It doesn’t go to the rationalization behind why a Snickers bar is the perfect health food right now, and quite frankly, anytime. It does wander to a few expected places, too. (Re: territory we don’t cover here.)

No, many times it goes to the random and unexpected phone call saying: “you’ve done a wonderful job with that blog. We’d like to hire you to blog for us for $150,000 per year, if you can pull it off five times a week.” (Most times I end up moving to the Caribbean but that’s unimportant to the point of all this.)

Then I consider what the perfect topic or information for today should be, and it hits me: this is June and my blog is about college basketball. No, it’s about mid major college basketball. One conference.


In that spirit, I sit here right now, staring at the words “In that spirit,” and wondering what in the hell I’m going to write next.

(Side note: What’s playing on my iPod right now: Time Bomb, by Rancid.)

But seriously, there is a side note to all this. I’m going to spend the summer clarifying the mission of what’s going on here, and you will see a ton of changes slowly roll into this space. My mission has always been to help you think about mid major basketball, especially as it relates to the CAA. My role as an information provider is not to give you both sides of the story and let you decide. That’s a journalistic gaffe.

No, my aim is to write what I see. I’ve got a fairly large ego, but I’m not arrogant enough to think I can play the role of information conductor. There is a huge difference, mainly because bias cannot help but to creep into any reportage.

The difference is that I will admit my biases’ up front: I went to VCU. I used to hate ODU but thanks to Blaine Taylor I have an incredible respect for what they do and what he’s trying to accomplish there. Pecora and Coen are at the top of my favorite coaches list, and I’d move to Wilmington in about three seconds.

By saying “presenting both sides and let you decide” is to pretend bias doesn’t exist. How would you ever know I gave you both sides equally?

It’s not about being first with information–it comes so quickly through so many sources that the value of being first is diluted.

No, we’re going to be the most informative, whether it’s how I see the Northeastern players reacting to their coach, or the bread pudding at Caffe Phoenix in Wilmington. (See, bias. But informative.) You will undoubtedly be a part of it.

We’ll spend the summer dipping into the overall college basketball landscape, because there is the time. Plus, mid majors have become incredibly relevant in the past five years.


I have a friend who, in the middle 1980s, was the editor of a national CD and music magazine. His knowledge of music minutiae and trivia constantly amazed me. I never thought I’d ever run into anyone with as much information at his synapse-tips.

I stand corrected.


~ by mglitos on June 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “There’s no such thing as writer’s block”

  1. I am happy to see Whitneypedia has already caught on. Thanks for spreading the word MGL.

  2. i prefer the old 97s “timebomb”, but rancid’s version kicks it out pretty nicely as well.

    and our mission is to get you to spend just a few more words on the always-rising w&m hoops program. always-rising, because it’s impossible to go the other direction.

  3. Call me crazy, but Whitneypedia could become its own blog.

    The Sons of Loehrke have an interesting season ahead of them.

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