It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (But I Like It)

Today, we border on the absurd.

First, a lot of people are going to have some fun at Tiger’s expense. But holy gamoley is he cut.

Here’s my fear: Tiger has been a trendsetter in golf, even (or especially) as it has to do with fashion. I’m scared of seeing Stu from accounting down at the local course wearing that gear. You know Stu, the guy with all the Tiger Gear, including the TW hat he bought at Dick’s. Stu’s claim to fame is the that he would’ve made it onto The Biggest Loser had he saved enough vacation days.

In true Sofia Petrullo fashion, “picture it…”

Second, Barry Bonds hit another home run over the weekend. I’m personally rooting for the guy, if only to first send the MSM into the full-fledged froth they’ve been building up for more than a year; and then second to shut them up. I can’t wait until the HTT mindlessly sdearch for their next ridiculous platform. (Note: Holier Than Thous.) Look, I don’t like the guy, but the way he handles those foofs makes me smile.

Third, some CAA hoops. It’s no secret I’ve taken a liking to Poor Bill Coen, the head man at Nor’Easter. I dubbed him Poor Bill last season after every conceivable break went against him, including, perhaps, dandruff. Coen was undaunted and his Huskies finished fifth in the standings, and I loved the vibe I got when I took particular note of how he coached and how the kids responded to him. Plus the guy is a rocket scientist. Literally.

So I figured out while mowing the lawn on Sunday how we could get Nor’Easter through its difficult road schdedule in a hurry. I am promoting one long road trip, much like a concert tour. We’d send Coen and the XXX down I-95, zip west on I-66 to I-81, down I-64 and then south to the Beach. Three weeks and two giant RVs.

WED–at Hofstra
SAT–at Drexel
MON–at Delaware
WED–at Towson
SAT–at Mason
FRI–at W&M

Granted, the tough stretch is four games in seven days down the I-64 corridor, but I’m a benevolent schedule-maker. After ODU ends the gauntlet, they get nearly two weeks in and around Wilmington.


We’ll get back to some serious stuff tomorrow, but for now just relax.


~ by mglitos on June 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (But I Like It)”

  1. How about we combine ODU and VCU’s rabid fans and send them to root for NU at one of their tougher opponents. No way they lose.

  2. Good idea. You’d think the conference loot from Mason and VCU in the NCAAs could fund a bus or two to one of those brutal noncons Coen is again facing…

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