Light Fuse, Get Away

At some point we’re going to get back to CAA-specific stuff–Lord knows the player transfer rate is high, and I figure I should know it backwards-and-forwards before I begin my work for Blue Ribbon.

But one more item regarding the NCAAs expulsion of a reporter for liveblogging onsite at an NCAA superregional game. It really comes down to the paper’s assertion–a correct one, mind you–that once something happens it is a fact. You can report facts.

You will hear a pile of blather of the First Amendment and intellectual property and rights and other lawyerly words. Pay them little mind. That’s for others to fight using nuance that would bore a catatonic librarian.

It’s ironic that it really is this simple. Just because we now have the ability to report a fact instantaneously via a blog does not change the reality of when something becomes fact. It proves content is still king, but you need to know how to deliver that content to succeed.

As late as 1988 I enjoyed getting my copy of the Richmond News Leader because it allowed me to see the west coast boxscores. Now, it’s a matter of doing the math on time zones and zipping to my favorite sports site. The same internal fight the newspaper once battled to try to get late scores into morning editions is playing itself out again in a different media paradigm.

What the NCAA is misunderstanding is the simple fact that I’m not going to their preferred four-letter outlet anymore. I’m going to the guy who will give me score, feel, analysis, color, and side stories. You know, the liveblogger.

The NCAA needs to stop hassling someone doing them good and point their bony fingers at ESPN, telling them to do a better job. (Side note: Free Andy Katz!)

I spoke with someone close to the situation at length yesterday and he told me it was a joke. I think it’s worse: it’s ignorance coupled with arrogance.


~ by mglitos on June 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Light Fuse, Get Away”

  1. Hey, I recently added a news widget from to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

  2. Another Panic reference… very nice.

    And what is to keep someone that is watching at home from blogging about it; doesn’t that represent the same basic thing?

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